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How to become a PRO in Valorant?


It is no secret that top players in esports make millions of dollars every year. The esports industry has excelled to new heights in recent years, and it’s not surprising that an online professional athlete makes $ 600,000 a year.

The term “professional gamer” sounded like a fantasy a few years ago, but times have changed. Playing games professionally has become a solid career. Players describe it as a way to make a living. The annual salary of esports professionals is amazing, and the trend is no different in Valorant.

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The best players travel around the world every year and compete in large tournaments in front of thousands of fans. They sign autographs, live in luxurious team houses, and earn six-figure salaries for playing a video game.


You have to work hard to become PRO in Valorant

Professional players are players who earn by playing online video games and participating in various competitions, tournaments, Valorant Aim training, and championships. This means that the player competes with other players in eSports.


As the popularity of esports grows year by year, thousands of people are captivated by this dream. However, it is important to understand that life at the top is not easy. Professional players are exposed to more stress, pressure, and emotional strain than in almost any other area.

Competing for fame or money only leads to poor mental health. The passion for the game itself is the most important thing. If a player’s passion for the game is vibrant enough to overcome these challenges, a career in Valorant isn’t out of reach.

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Professional Valorant, like any other sport, should be viewed just like traditional sports. To get good, they have to devote their lives to play and exert themselves daily.

Training for long hours

There are hundreds of players trying to become professionals and many of them put 40-50 hours into the game every week. It is imperative to balance this effort in order so that you don’t lag behind. This kind of strict routine can leave little opportunity for other hobbies and interests in life. But we can assure you that all this hard work is worth it when you climb to the top.

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An often overlooked fact about esports is how much competition can drive players. Valorant for example has always been an incredibly social game. Players encounter hundreds of different teammates and are forced to work with all kinds of personalities. Life skills like networking and promoting healthy relationships in the community are necessary to compete successfully.

Whether it’s matchmaking or team play, losing streaks and frustration are inevitable parts of the process. To become a professional, you have to develop and cultivate a certain mindset, learn from failures, and put the success of a team above everything else.

The priority of every aspiring professional is a high level of individual skills. Something that is also expected from competitors at this level. Sitting at the computer every day and entering a random game of Valorant every day will not be enough.

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Essential concepts of becoming a professional Valorant player

Learning  Mechanics

This term refers to the physical movements a player makes, such as aiming and moving. This can be improved all the time, no matter what level a player is at. Playing tutorials can help understand which movements will help a player hit harder and make punches easier.

Adapting Gamesense

This term refers to a gamer’s understanding of why and how things play out in their game. This includes concepts such as positioning, how to hold bomb sites, rotations, use of aids, and much more. In addition to the tutorials, practicing the game and watching professional POVs can be immensely helpful.

Staying Consistent

In addition to an understanding of tactics, quick reactions, and perseverance, an eSports gamer must know the game of his choice inside out and be able to behave intelligently in every game situation – and this can only be achieved if you invest enough time and patience in a game. However, if you lose your appetite for gaming after just one or two hours, you have bad cards to ever become an eSports professional and hone your skills for a professional career. Professional tip: Many masters in their field regularly post-game videos on YouTube and Co., hopeful eSport students can learn one or the other tactical trick – the theory of game practice, so to speak.

Joining a team

When most people think of esports teams, they think of Team Liquid, SK Telecom, and other large sponsored teams that perform at major events. Most teams are just groups of friends with a goofy name who enter online tournaments.

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The latter is where you will start in the early stage of your Valorant professional career. As you play more, you become part of your game’s community, either by talking to other players or by connecting with social groups associated with the game. The friends you make there may already have a team they invite you to join, or you can team up to start your own. Even solo players tend to join the teams.

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There is no formal application process to join a team. You don’t send your résumé and a highlight reel hoping to be accepted. If you want, you have to speak to a team and see what happens.

When you join a team, you can combine your knowledge and work together to keep improving. If you have a consistent pool of players to work with as you all strive to improve, you will grow much faster than if you were still in your loneliness.


The best a budding professional Valorant player can do is incorporate a structured exercise routine. Working on these skills becomes much easier when there is a set schedule that is followed every day. Allow time each day to improve on each of these concepts, and make extra time for matchmaking. In this way, the aspiring Valorant stars can climb to the top and finally achieve their dreams of becoming a professional player.

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