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Could Cloud9 enter the Call of Duty League?

Could Cloud9 enter the Call of Duty League?

The Call of Duty league has just ended and we are already talking about free agency. Many players will change teams this off-season, we are ready for shocking changes. But there is news that could really surprise the Call of Duty League fans.

The Call of Duty league is made up of 12 teams currently fighting for one season to win the title. There are many eSports clubs that currently do not have a Call of Duty team, but perhaps we are close to a historical change. In fact, Cloud9 on Twitter sent interesting signals.

This Twitter post hints at an upcoming announcement of an entry into Cloud9’s Call of Duty League. It would be a sensational twist, given that the American team has never had a COD team. But this was not the only sign. Immediately after, an even more evident one arrived.

Ian “Crimsix” Porter announced that he has become a restricted free agent for next year and the response from Cloud9 owner Jack Etienne was surprising. A simple joke or is there something more? Soon to say but certainly an interest on the part of Cloud9 in an eSports that has grown many in America this year.

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Cloud9 buys Dallas Empire?

One of the options for Cloud9 to enter the Call of Duty League is to buy a franchise, which is not an easy thing to do. But this could be the right summer to buy a franchise. In fact, the news released in recent days is that the Dallas Empire team is for sale. The team, one of the strongest in the Call of Duty League is on the market, this could be a very interesting solution for Cloud9.

However, this also confirms that in the world of eSports there are many expenses and sometimes you can’t keep up. Dallas Empire has always been one of the strongest teams in the Call of Duty League. A second option could be Paris Legion. The European club once again finished in the last place. After an off-season where many were convinced that the French team would finally do well, Paris Legion finished in the last place.

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Not only that, the team released their entire roster after yet another failed season. But this is not the only thing that suggests a disengagement of the French team. In fact, it seems that the Paris Legion trademark has been abandoned.

This is a pretty clear sign that the French team will not be at the start next year even though an official announcement has not yet arrived. Because? Paris Legion is likely trying to sell its slot in the Call of Duty League and when it succeeds it will announce its exit from the league. Maybe Cloud9 is closing the deal with Paris Legion and the deal is nearing completion.

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It is likely that we will soon have an answer. Will Cloud9 enter the Call of Duty League next year?

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