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Valorant Mobile: all you need to know

Valorant Mobile

What you need to know about VALORANT Mobile, from what we hope to see in terms of release date and gameplay on mobile devices.


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It was an announcement that was expected by many, and it is now official. Riot Games will do a mobile port of its successful FPS: Valorant. For several weeks, elements found in the code of the game had launched the rumor that a mobile adaptation was in the pipes. There is now no more room for doubt: you will therefore be able to make your most beautiful clutch with your fingertips.

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What is Valorant?

Valorant is a tactical first-person shooter similar to Counter-Strike: Global Offensive. Beta testing for the game began in March 2020 after it was first announced in 2014. It has quickly become the most popular first-person shooter game ever, both for gaming enthusiasts and for Esports fans alike.

Because Riot Games is known for its popular and technically advanced games, the number of Valorant players keeps growing. As of June 2021, Valorant has an average of over 14 million players worldwide each month, according to Riot Games. As the number of players grows, we can see that the game is becoming increasingly popular.

How is the gameplay in Valorant?

Gameplay in Valorant is similar to other tactical shooter games, though with a bit of class-based gameplay. Players play as a group of agents, each with their own special abilities (similar to classes in Overwatch), and must attack or defend bomb positions. Each player starts the round with a gun and can purchase better and more advanced weapons before the official game starts, depending on the outcome of the previous round.

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Currently, Valorant has a roster of 16 agents, each with its own abilities. Within these fifteen agents, there are four subtypes—swordsman, controller, initiator, and guard—that help distinguish what sets these agents apart.

Valorant features many different modes, but the most popular is the standard competitive mode. Each match is a top 25 match – meaning you have to win 13 rounds to win – with the attacking player sending Spike to one of two locations or clearing the entire enemy team before the 100 second round timer ends.

While it’s currently unknown exactly how Valorant Mobile’s gameplay will work, we have a few other mobile shooter games to look out for inspiration. Titles like Call of Duty Mobile or PUBG Mobile have managed to make the transition to mobile by retaining some, if not most, of the core gameplay mechanics.

When it comes to Valorant Mobile, you might not be able to get precise aim and movement from the mouse and keyboard, but you’ll probably be able to use as many controls as you can in the PC version on your phone.

Release Date of Valorant Mobile

Putting away your phone or tablet is a good idea; you might not need them for a while. The release date for VALORANT Mobile has not been disclosed by Riot Games. Riot’s first-person shooter will not be available on consoles as many gamers would expect, but instead be available for mobile devices first.

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Although Riot Games recently announced that they are working on a mobile version of Valorant, they don’t want to reveal too much info, such as a production timeline or release date. This announcement is quite interesting because Riot Games has decided to step over the console market and go straight to mobile. If we look at Apex Legends, they released a mobile version after the console version was quite successful.

Unfortunately, apart from the confirmation that the game was in development, the studio was rather stingy on the information released. At present, it is still unclear for example which operating system the game will be able to run on, although IOS and Android versions should be the order of the day. 

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No information has been revealed on the game’s release date either, although rumors are circulating about potential gameplay reveal during E3 which runs June 12-15. Some data mined in the game indicate a release during the summer of 2021. There would therefore only be a few months before being able to storm Split, Haven, Icebox, and others.

Valorant Mobile: gameplay and details

As with the most popular title, mobile ports fans should expect VALORANT Mobile to bring the same sense of competition to small screens. Speaking of VALORANT Mobile, Valorant Executive Producer mentioned that Riot wants to bring the same competitive experience to even more players around the world.

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We can, therefore, assume that VALORANT Mobile will have the same general gameplay and aesthetics. So far, this is the only gameplay detail we have found. There is currently no information available on VALORANT Mobile’s payment method and its exact details.

Will Valorant Mobile be different from Valorant PC?

Riot Games announced recently that a mobile version of their Valorant game is being developed. This is all we know about the upcoming mobile game. The developer explained, however, that he wanted more people in the world to be able to play Valorant.

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It is very likely that Valorant Mobile will follow in the footsteps of its PC counterpart in terms of gameplay. It is not expected that Riot Games will offer the full Valorant experience on a mobile platform, but it is likely that some agents will be available, and the core gameplay experience will not change.

When it comes to mobile devices, Valorant may not be a 1:1 port of the PC version. When Riot Games created League of Legends: Wild Rift, the company released several heroes in a mobile version at launch, with the game being introduced more slowly.

The majority of agents and maps likely to first appear in Valorant Mobile will be simple to keep the game simple for Riot Games.


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