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Sony in the Esports Betting

Sony in the Esports Betting

Is Sony getting in the Esports Betting? It sounds strange but this is what can be deduced from a new license obtained from Sony. The world of eSports has been growing dramatically for years and so the world of betting immediately looked at this new business with interest maybe Sony is thinking to find a new way of making money using Playstation.

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Sony in the Esports Betting? eSports is very rich and global business numbers are growing every month. More and more bookmakers are covering eSports events. and it seems that Sony wants to try to do it too. Asia, where Sony was founded is the number 1 region for eSports and betting, maybe that’s the reason why Playstation have come up with this idea. Sony has indeed registered a new patent about it that says.


“Odds for various propositions concerning the play of a computer simulation are determined and presented to a viewer for pecuniary or non-pecuniary wagering purposes. The odds may be determined using past game analytics, or may be determined parimutuelly [sic].”

It seems clear that Sony is considering offering the possibility of betting on video games. Therefore offer the possibility of watching live matches and being able to bet on that match. Or it could be something like Unkirn’s Umode, whereby registering you can bet on your matches.

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Sony in the Esports Betting would make sense considering that the company has recently bought EVO and that in August there will be the first Sony-branded event. EVO is the largest combat video game sporting event and is very popular. Many bookmakers accept bets on this event, maybe Sony wants to do the same.

Obviously, Sony in the Esports Betting is not a very easy step to make: You have to obtain licenses in different countries and be subject to different rules in different countries. Most of the bookies don’t have a license for all countries because someone are very difficult to get, so would Sony accept to don’t have a license in some countries?

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Another problem is clashing with very fierce competitors. The betting world is rich but the competition is fierce and new players struggle to gain a few makes in the biggest countries. Moreover, many of the eSports are played on PC, practically EVO is the only big event on PS4, and therefore it would not be automatic to turn on the Play to bet on an event that is followed on PC. In short, Sony in the Esports Betting would certainly be a suggestive step but also a very difficult one.

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