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PES Changes To A Free To Play Model, Rebrands as E-Football


Aug 9, 2021 ,
PES Changes To A Free To Play Model, Rebrands as E-Football

If you are a fan of the sports gaming genre, you’ll be aware of the battle that has raged on for years between EA’s FIFA series and Konami’s Pro Evolution Soccer. These series have been battling it out for supremacy as the best football game on the planet. While the 2000s was largely dominated by PES, the 2010’s and present-day have been won by the FIFA series, largely down to the extremely popular FUT mode. PES has always had its own dedicated fans, however, there has been a calling from the fans to see the game step up their assault on the Esports market.

Well, it seems that the fans will be getting exactly what they asked for. We recently received confirmation that PES will soon end as an annual release series. However, this doesn’t mean that the series is no more. Instead, the series plans to rebrand itself as a game titled EFootball and will continue with the hope of becoming the best E-sports game of this variety.

What To Expect from E-Football?

You may be wondering, what is going to be the difference between PES and E-Football? Well, the most important thing is that the series will adapt to a Free to Play model, much like game such as Fortnite, COD Warzone and Apex Legends. This will make this game the first dedicated sports game to adapt to this format and will shake the core of the sports genre, meaning that FIFA will need to step up their game, or potentially follow suit.


Secondly, it seems that at least initially, E-Football will only have the nine official partners associated with the recent PES release. These teams are Barcelona, Man United, Arsenal, Bayern Munich, Juventus, River Plate, Sau Paolo, Corinthians and Flamengo. This is reportedly likely to change through the introduction of DLC and even more so depending on the success of this venture. However, to begin with, you’ll have to make do with these nine teams for the short term.

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Then thirdly, another big change is that this game will be available on any platform and will have cross-platform functionality. This means that a player on a PS5 can play with a Xbox One user, or even a Nintendo Switch player and a IOS/Android player. However, one important caveat is that mobile players will have to play with a controller.

It is also worth mentioning that E-Football will also use the Unreal Engine and move away from the Fox Engine. This is a move that will support the change to cross-platform online features.

What Does This Mean For ESports?

This can be split into two segments. What this means for the Esports community and what this means for the FIFA series. In terms of the community as a whole, this isn’t much of a surprise. The free-to-play model is something that most multiplayer games are embracing as it is a great money-making model that isn’t reliant on the nefarious and often criticized use of loot boxes. So as a whole, this is a good move for the community and for the E-Football brand.

However, as for FIFA, EA’s next move will determine what this means for them. The FUT mode is very reliant on an old pay model which isn’t conducive with the FTP model in it’s current state. So it will take some adaption but moving in the same direction could be the better move for the FIFA series. As, if they don’t, they could see their foothold on the sports genre slip as players would rather play for free rather than invest in a full-price title which often doesn’t shake up the content available too much.

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That being said, there are rumblings within the industry that EA are planning to move to Free to Play in 2023 with FIFA 2022 likely to stick to the tried and tested formula. However, nothing concrete has been announced as of yet. It’s an exciting time for E-Football and the genre as a whole and we can only hope that this change is to the benefit of the fans.

So that is our news on the change from PES to the free-to-play E-Football. What do you make of the news? Do you think that that this is a good move for the series? Do you think that other sports games will follow suit? Let us know in the comments section below and as always, thank you for reading.

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