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Who is Vex?

Almost everyone assumed Norra, Yuumi’s master who had vanished from the world of Runeterra, would be the next League of Legends Champion after Akshan, however, Riot Games actually always had an original plan as it was revealed in the champion roadmap earlier this year that the next champion was going to be a gloomy yordle and we finally have her name: Vex.


The Sentinel of Darkness?

The current Sentinels of the Light event across all the Riot Games titles is exploring the ruination brought upon the world of Runeterra thanks to Viego coming back to life and searching for the remnants of his wife, Isolde, across the whole continent but Vex actually plays a major part in the story despite not being available in game currently.

In a discussion with the community on Reddit, the lead designer of League of Legends. Ryan “Reav3 ” Mireles explained that Vex was supposed to make her way into the world of League of Legends before Akshan but because of some technical difficulties in the design process, could not make it to the game in time for the event. That’s why you see her in the current event and he also revealed that she is a major contributor to the mission of Viego, as she is the primary source of the “Black Mist ” spreading rapidly across Runeterra.

LoL New Champion Vex: Abilities, Lore & Release Date | EarlyGame

There isn’t much known about Vex and we have also seen her only once in the in-client story but it feels like she is definitely a lot more powerful than her cute emo appearance might show.

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Vex Abilities?

The abilities of Vex are currently not known to the community but there are definitely some things that we can share with you. In the roadmap it was revealed that she was going to be an artillery mage, but now plans have changed and her kit is going to be more identical to a classic mage.

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Artillery Mages are masters of range, and they use it to whittle down their opponents from enormous distances. The most famous champions of this class are Lux, Vel’koz and Xerath and fans were definitely excited for her being different than the recent mages that Riot Games have introduced

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She will instead be a typical mage, which are offensive casters who use powerful spells to cripple and burn down their opponents. Vex’s abilities haven’t been revealed yet but it would be interesting for you to learn that in the roadmap it was revealed that she hates people dashing around her and one of her abilities might be to restrict champions moving near her somehow.

This also explains why she isn’t an artillery mage as the biggest weakness of this class of champions is that if enemies can close the gap between themselves and the mage, then the mage is at a serious disadvantage. If Vex can somehow prevent this then she can’t be categorized as an Artillery Mage as she won’t have any significant counters to pick against her.

She will most likely be a support champion as Akshan is already released as the mid laner but don’t be surprised if she makes her way onto the mid lane in a similar fashion as Seraphine and Lulu have done in the past.

When will she make her way onto the rift?

If everything went according to the plan then she would have been available to play already but due to her kit being scrapped and modifications being done, she will likely make an appearance after the Sentinels of Light even finishes.

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We have previously seen two champions being available to play really close to each other’s release dates last year during the Spirit Blossom event as both Yone and Lillia were released within a month.

We can expect Vex to make an appearance at the end of August with patch 11.16 or in the first week of September as she has already been revealed to the League of Legends community and playing a part in the most ambitious event Riot Games has ever designed.

In the meantime, you can check out Akshan, The Rogue Sentinel who is available to play now across all regions.

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