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Esports tournaments September


Aug 27, 2021
Esports tournaments September

The Esports industry aims to provide exciting action to its fans all year long. The esports enthusiasts can look forward to the best teams competing for supremacy day in and day out. The month of August brought high-quality action with the ESL Pro League Season 14, and many more bug and exciting tournaments.

Now, in this article, we will look at what September has to offer us. It should be an exciting week for CSGO fans since we will have the  IEM Season XVI – Fall. We will also comprehensively discuss some of the biggest tournaments in other esports genres taking place in September. So that you get to see top-tier action.

2021 Overwatch Contenders EU/NA Season 3

September will kick off with the 2021 Overwatch Contenders EU/NA Season 3. It is one of the most prestigious competitions in the esports industry since it allows pro players to promote to the Overwatch League. This month the best teams in North America and Europe will be fighting for this golden opportunity. The competition will start on 6th September and will end on 8th September. Eight teams in each region will compete for the lion’s share of the $83,400 prize pool. The team will compete in a Double-Elimination bracket format.


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DreamHack Open September North America/South America

Next, we will move on to some CSGO action since, in the first half of September, North and South American regions will be hosting the DreamHack Open in September. The NA region will have a prize pool of $70,000, while $30,000 will be on the line in South America. In NA, the competition will start with a group stage where two groups with four teams each will compete for supremacy in a GSL format, and all the games will be played in the best of three series. The 1st and 2nd place teams in each group will proceed to the playoffs. All the matches of the playoffs will be contested in the best of three single-elimination format, while the grand finale will be played in the best of five series. Meanwhile, in South America, the $30,000 prize pool will be contested in the double-elimination best of three series while the final will be played in the best of five format. 

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2021 VCT Stage 3 Masters – Berlin

Valorant fans will have plenty of action to look forward to since some of the best teams in the world will compete in Berlin to be crowned the champion of the Valorant Champions Tournament stage 3 Masters. The competition will take place from 9th to 19th September.

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2021 Funspark ULTI: Asia/Europe Season 3

CSGO never disappoints when it comes to producing high-quality action each month and the action will continue to unravel in September. Since teams from Asian and European regions will compete in the 2021 Funspark ULTI it will be the third iteration of the Funspark ULTI professional series and each region will have a prize pool of $30,000 for each region. The competition will start on 13th September with the group stage and will end on 26th September. All the matches of the competition will be played in the best-of-three series.

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2021 Blast Premier Spring Fall Groups

Blast Premier Series has become one of the most prestigious competitions in the CSGO world. It brings some of the most entertaining, engaging, and explosive esports competitions. As it continues to host the best and most experienced teams in the competitive landscape. The organizers will be aiming to deliver on their promises since in September we will witness the 2021 Blast Premier Spring Fall Groups.

The competition will kick off on 16th September and the final games will be played on 26th. The likes of Astralis, FaZe Clan, Evil Geniuses, and Natus Vincere, Complexity will compete for the top spot of the Fall Finals. A total of 12 teams will fight not only for a chance to compete in the finals but also for the $150,000 prize money. The format of the competition will be the best of three GSL group series.

Strike Arabia Grand Finals

Valorant organizers continue to bring exciting action throughout 2021 and the month of September is no different. From 22nd to 25th September we will have the Strike Arabia Grand Finals. The competition will be spread across three regions of Saudi Arabia which include: North Africa, the Arabian Gulf, and Iraq, the Levant, and Egypt. From these three regions, only three teams will compete in the grand finals for the lion’s share of the $50,000 prize pool. The finals will be played in a double-elimination, best-of-five series format

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EM Season XVI – Fall

CS:GO IEM Katowice

The most prestigious competition of September comes from CSGO with the EM Season XVI – Fall. The fun fact is that EM Season is the longest-running professional gaming tour in the world, it was inaugurated back in 2006 and to date has produced some of the biggest moments in the world of esports. Aside from CSGO, the organizer also focuses on bringing some of the biggest sts in the world of StarCraft® II, Dota 2, Fortnite, and many more. The competition is truly one of the biggest traditional events in the gaming world and this year CSGO teams will compete for the $250,000 prize pool.

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The competition will be contested by 16 teams. It will start with the group stage where two groups will have eight teams each and they will play in double-elimination GSL format where all the games will be played in the best of three series. Only the top three teams of each group will make it to the playoffs. The 1st ranked teams will be seeded in the semifinals. While the top seeds of the quarterfinals will be the 2nd ranked teams and the low seeds will be the 3rd place teams. The match of the quarter and semifinals will be played in the single-elimination best of three format. While the grand finale will be a best of five series.


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