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Betting with Bitcoin in eSports

Betting with Bitcoin in eSports

Betting with Bitcoin in eSports it’s very easy. There is a strong link between eSports and Bitcoin, a strong link. A bond is an advantage for many bettors.

Already in this article, we have listed the advantages of betting with Bitcoins and cryptocurrencies in general. If you have Bitcoin you know that at the moment there aren’t many things you can do with it yet. Many say HODL but instead of waiting why not use them for betting? Why don’t you bet on Bitcoin in eSports?

Here’s how to do it! How to Open an account

To start betting with Bitcoin in eSports you must first choose your bookmaker. Go to our section and select the bookmaker to open your account with. On our site, you will find only the best bookmakers. All bookies offer the possibility to deposit and withdraw in Bitcoin. You just have to open an account following these procedures.

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Buy Bitcoin

Deposit using Bitcoin

If you don’t have Bitcoins you have to get them. Where to go? The best place is Coinbase, one of the oldest exchanges. Here you can “trade” dollars for Bitcoin. So you can buy your first Bitcoins. The operation will be fast. Attention remembers that the value of Bitcoins changes quickly so before buying, check how much a bitcoin costs.

Find a Wallet

After purchasing the Bitcoins you have to put them in a safe place. Coinbase is a safe place but the best solution is a wallet. As in normal wallets, you can keep your bitcoins in a wallet so that if something happens on an exchange you will be safe. Remember your wallet will have a unique address, remember to send the Bitcoins to this address. Be careful because if you get the wrong address you will send the Bitcoins to someone else.

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Associate your Wallet with the Exchange so that you can easily transfer Bitcoins from one place to another.

Deposit on your bookmakers

Once you have opened your wallet and deposited the Bitcoins to start Betting with Bitcoins in eSports you can now transfer them to your open account in a bookmaker of your choice.

To deposit with Bitcoin:

  • Login to your bookmaker and click ‘Deposit’ to enter the Cashier
  • Select Bitcoin as your payment method and click on the deposit button.
  • Copy the Bitcoin address provided in the Cashier
  • Go to your Bitcoin wallet
  • Select the amount of Bitcoin to transfer and paste the address provided by the MyBookie Cashier.
  • Click Send.

Be careful because the addresses of the bookmakers to deposit Bitcoins are normally only active for 24/48 hours. If you need to make a new deposit, remember to request a new address. You can usually do this by going to the cashier section.

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How to avoid rollover?

The advantages of using Bitcoins are many. The first is simpler is speed. Your money will be in the counter immediately allowing you to bet right away. The second advantage is the costs, depositing and withdrawing in Bitcoin is absolutely free.

Remember that many bookmakers offer very interesting bonuses if you deposit in Bitcoins, so before choosing the bookmaker, also look at their bonuses. One of the advantages of depositing in bitcoin is that the operation has a success rate of 100%. In fact, sometimes with credit cards or wire transfers, it can happen that the money does not reach the bookmakers and is lost, with Bitcoins you do not have this danger.

So what are you waiting for? Use Bitcoin to bet on eSports!

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