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Overwatch Team: Paris Eternal

Overwatch Team: Paris Eternal

Paris Eternal is a professional Overwatch eSports team from France that participates in the League as a part of the Atlantic North Division.

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The team was founded in September 2018 and has the honor of being one of the only two professional Overwatch eSports teams from entire Europe.

Team’s Organization

Paris Eternal is owned by Drew McCourt who is the current owner of DM Esports. The team’s Head Coach is Zouheir Baba whereas the responsibilities of the General Manager of Paris Eternal are performed by Kim Kyoung-ey.

The below image provides an insight into the organization and shows that the members belong to three different countries which provide an upper hand to Paris Eternal.

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The names, IDs, positions, countries of origin, and joining dates of all participants of the team’s organization are shown here.

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Team’s Earnings

With a total sum of $176,500, the overall earnings of Paris Eternal are on the lower side when compared to what other teams have been able to make in this tenure.

Team’s Sponsors

The team’s current sponsor is OMEN by HP.

Former Roster

The former roster of a team is important in the sense that it gives an idea of its past performance. The below image shows all players that left the team recently.

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A total of 13 players left Paris Eternal in the previous year most of which were a part of the team for over two years. This is considered a great retention period in the eSports industry. These players were from 4 different countries.

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Active Roster

The players that are currently a part of Paris Eternal are shown below:

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Paris Eternal currently has 7 players from 6 different countries. The overall diversity due to a large number of international players in the team’s forte and makes Paris Eternal one of the strongest teams in the League.


13 players left the team in a single year which has created a gaping hole and thus a lot of effort has to be put in to make up for this loss.

These newcomers might not have a strong cohesion between them which can affect the team’s overall performance.


Paris Eternal currently has a win-rate percentage of 53.23% in the “Series” category where the team has played 62 matches. It has won 33 and lost 29.

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In the “Games” category, the win-rate percentage of Paris Eternal is 49.6% where the team has won a total of 124 matches and lost 126.

Upcoming Matches

The upcoming matches of all teams are extremely vital for them if they intend to improve their overall win-rate percentages. The upcoming matches of Paris Eternal are shown below to give an idea to readers.

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The overall achievements of Paris Eternal along with the resultant prize money are shown in the below image.

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Final Verdict

The team possesses relatively high win-rate percentages in both categories i.e. Series and Games. This is an indicator of a great overall past performance.

However, a large number of players have recently flocked away from Paris Eternal which might make the team weak.

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