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Overwatch Guangzhou Charge

Overwatch Guangzhou Charge

Guangzhou Charge is a professional Overwatch eSports team from China that was founded in August 2018 and participates in the Overwatch League as a member of its Pacific East Division.


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The team initiated its career in 2019 as one of the eight expansion teams of the League and has over the years become one of the only four Chinese professional teams of Overwatch eSports.

Team’s Organization

Guangzhou Charge is owned by Zhong Naixiong and the current Head Coach of the team is Lee Ji-won. Ethan Liu currently serves as the General Manager of the team.

The below image shows the team’s organization in detail demonstrating the ID, name, position, and joining date of the various members.

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It is important to highlight that the team’s organization comes from four different countries which helps in creating a perfect combination of skills. However, an important aspect that cannot be missed is that four out of the team’s nine organization members have joined Guangzhou Charge recently.

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Team Sponsor

The team is currently sponsored by Herbalife Nutrition.

Team’s Earnings

The total earnings of Guangzhou Charge amount to $145,000 which is a great figure for a team located outside North America. This means that Guangzhou Charge has performed considerably well when it comes to winning rewards.

Former Roster

The below image shows the former roster of Guangzhou Charge which is a vital tool for getting an insight into the past performance of the team.

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This image shows the ID, name, role, joining date, leaving date, and the new team of all previous members of Guangzhou Charge.

From the above image, it can be seen that most players stayed in the team for approximately two years which is considered a great retention period in the eSports industry.

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Active Roster

Here is the active roster of Guangzhou Charge which shows that the team currently comprises eight players from two different countries.

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The team has two players for the “Support” role, three for the “Tank” role, and three players for the “DPS” role.


The availability of multiple players for the same role allows the team’s organization to have a strong backup plan in times of emergency.


The team lacks diversity as players belong to only two countries. The greater is the number of foreign players, the greater is the chance for local players to learn new skills from them.


Guangzhou Charge has a win-rate percentage of 53.85% in the “Series” where it has won 35 matches and lost 30.

In the “Games” category, the team carries a win-rate percentage of 50.57% and has won 133 matches whereas it has lost 130.

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The overall achievements and resultant prize money of the team are shown below to give a better idea to readers.

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Upcoming Matches

Upcoming matches are extremely vital for all teams as they provide them an opportunity to improve their win-rate percentages and grab more rewards. The upcoming matches of Guangzhou Charge that are likely to take place in the next eight weeks are shown below.

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Fans of the franchise are extremely excited to see their favorite team in action.

Final Verdict

With years of experience, Guangzhou Charge has developed its reputation of being a world-class Overwatch team that is extremely well equipped to take on the competitors in upcoming times.

The high win-rate percentages of the team in both categories i.e. Series and Games bear testimony to this.

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