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Florida Mayhem

Based in Florida and Miami, Florida Mayhem is a professional Overwatch eSports team that was founded in July 2017 and now it participates in the Overwatch League as a part of the Atlantic South Division.


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The team has the honor of being one of the twelve founding teams of the league.

Team’s Organization

The team is owned by Ben Spoont whereas the current Head Coach of Florida Mayhem is Kim Dae-Kuk. YeHHH currently serves as the team’s General Manager. The below image gives a glimpse of the team’s organization in detail. It shows the date of joining of each member which helps in determining since when each member has been playing his part in the development of the team.

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The fact that the team’s organization is from four different countries helps in getting an idea of how well equipped the team is as a whole for competing against other teams of the Overwatch League.

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Team Sponsors

The current sponsors of Florida Mayhem include:

  • SoFi;
  • Frontier Communications;
  • Matrix Keyboard;
  • Zaxby’s;
  • Republic Of Gamers. (ROG)

It is pertinent to mention that ROG is a big name in the gaming industry and the fact that it is sponsoring Florida Mayhem is an indicator of the great potential that the world sees in the team.

Total Earnings

Florida Mayhem has earned a handsome amount of $145,000 from the various matches of the Overwatch League that it has participated in. However, the fact that the total earnings of several other participants of the League are more than double this amount means that the team can perform better in this regard.

Former Roster

The team’s former roster is shown below to give an insight into its past performance. The image also shows the joining date, leaving date, new team, and the role of each member.

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The former roster had six players from two different countries.

Active Roster

The team’s active roster is shown below which indicates that the team member has now increased to seven and all current players belong to the same country i.e. South Korea.

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This image shows the ID, name, role, and joining date of each member of Florida Mayhem.

Strength & Weakness

The above image also shows that only three out of the seven-team members are new and have joined Florida Mayhem within the last year whereas the remaining four players are old.

These three new players if utilized properly in combination with the older ones can work wonders for the team and can become the strength of Florida Mayhem. However, in case the team fails to capitalize on this opportunity, these newcomers can become a weakness.


The win-rate percentage of Florida Mayhem in “Series” is 30.77% where the team has won 32 matches and lost 72.

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In the “Games” section, the team has a win-rate percentage of 36.7% and here Florida Mayhem has won 149 matches and lost 257.

The overall win-rate percentages of both categories are pretty low and indicate that the team has a lot of potentials to improve.


The team’s achievements and resultant prize money are shown in the below image to give a better idea to readers.

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Upcoming Matches

The upcoming matches of the team that is likely to take place within the next eight weeks are shown below. These upcoming matches are vital for Florida Mayhem if the team wants to improve its low win-rate percentage in both categories i.e. Series and Games.

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Final Verdict Florida Mayhem is a struggling team with extremely low win-rate percentages and meager earnings. The team, therefore, carries a huge potential for improvement.

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