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Overwatch Beginner’s Guide

Overwatch Beginners Guide

In this ever-growing world of video games, there are plenty of unique titles that have come and gone over time. But one that stuck around for a very long time is Overwatch, and it is one of the most unique games the world has ever seen. The game hit the market when the MOBA genre was rising into fame more rapidly than ever and it also managed to give players a unique taste of a mashup of MOBA and FPS genres. After almost 5 years of its release, the game still has a growing player base and it is also one of the most famous esports titles today.

Overwatch is a team-based multiplayer first-person shooter and it comes from the renowned developer in the gaming universe, Blizzard Entertainment. The game features several game modes that revolve around squad-based combat where two opposing teams of six players battle for victory. The game is mostly known as an FPS game but what makes it stand out from the rest is the catalog of “heroes” one can play with. These heroes add a whole new tactical experience to the game as they have their own special abilities and mechanics. And these heroes are divided into 3 different classes: tanks, damage dealers, and supports.

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These 3 classes make the experience more diverse and this whole integration gives an experience similar to a MOBA game. The main game mode of Overwatch, competitive play, features 2 other sub-modes that you can go for. The Role Queue mode lets your team select 2 of each character class totaling to a six and the Open Queue mode lets you select whatever characters you want to play, regardless of their roles.

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Both these modes centered around gaining and securing control of specific points on maps. While this seems pretty basic, the various comps you can go for make it more fun and competitive. So mastering or getting good at this game isn’t as simple as it looks due to the number of heroes, strategies, and team compositions it offers. But if you familiarize yourself with the core game mechanics, it is not that hard either.

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Following are some pointers for you to focus on improving, especially if you are new to the game.

  1. Get familiar with Hero roles: Make sure you know how all 3 roles work; tanks to absorb up damage and go in the frontline, damage dealers to stay behind tanks and do damage to enemies, supporters to give special buffs, and healing support to teammates.
  2. Improve on micromanagement: Improve your personal mechanics such as movement, aiming, and skill kits of specific heroes. Get yourself comfortable with a few heroes you can rely on in any scenario.
  3. Communication: The game is described as a team-based shooter for a reason, so always communicate with your team to decide comps, plan strategies and give callouts.
  4. Expand your hero pool: As you progress into matching up with more seasoned players, you might need to broaden your comfortable hero picks. Practice new heroes to fit into better team comps and also learn to counter enemy picks at this point.
  5. Improve your macro: Know when to group up, rotate and stick to strategies during the game. This is not a skill you can improve instantly but it is always good to know that communicating with the team helps you develop this skill faster.

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