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Houston Outlaws, all you need to know

Houston Outlaws

Houston Outlaws is a professional Overwatch eSports team that was founded in September 2017 and participates in the League as a part of the Atlantic South Division.


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The team has the honor of being one of the league’s twelve founding members.

Team’s Organization

The team is owned by Beasley Media Group. The current Head Coach of Houston Outlaws is Harsha Bandi whereas Matt Iorio serves as the General Manager.

The below image shows the team’s organization along with other details including the name, ID, position, and joining date.

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Team’s Earnings

Houston Outlaws has made a total of $120,000 from the Overwatch League which might not be much as compared to other teams of the League but is still a handsome amount.

Team’s Sponsors

The current sponsors of the team include:

  • Zenni;
  • Respawn;
  • GameStop;
  • Zaxby’s;
  • H-E-B.
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Inactive Player

The inactive player of the team along with important dates is shown in the below image.

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Former Roster

To fully understand how the team has performed lately, it is vital to take a look at the former roster of Houston Outlaws which is shown in the below image.

Players in the former roster belonged to four different countries. The image also shows the teams that these players joined later on.

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Active Roster

The below image demonstrates the active roster of Houston Outlaws which comprises eight players from various countries.

From these eight players, two play the Role of “Tank”, five play the Role of “DPS” whereas one player is available for the “Support” Role.

It is also pertinent to mention that six out of these eight players have joined the team within the past year.

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The new players can easily pave the way for the team as such newcomers are usually super excited and can play an instrumental role in the progress of the team.

The team members come from three different countries which adds a tinge of diversity to the overall experience. This can play a key role in developing the skill set of the local players as usually the international players are better equipped to take on the challenges of modern-day eSports.


The newcomers can become a burden for the team if their overall cohesion isn’t strong. Thus the team’s organization needs to keep a check on this to avoid any unfavorable situation.


Houston Outlaws currently has a win-rate percentage of 39.39% in the “Series” where the team has won 39 matches and has lost 60. Similarly, in the “Games” category, Houston Outlaws carries an overall win-rate percentage of 45.54%. It has won 184 matches and lost 220.

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Upcoming Matches

Upcoming matches are vital for teams that are eyeing to improve their win-rate percentages. Houston Outlaws currently carries considerably low win-rates and thus fans of the franchise must be anxiously waiting for the upcoming matches.

Here are the team’s matches that are expected to take place within the next eight weeks.

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Final Verdict

Houston Outlaws is a struggling team in the “Series” category where the win-rate is considerably lower than competitors. However, the team’s performance is slightly better in the “Games”. The team needs to work hard for improving its overall career path.


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