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Why Are So Many Overwatch Pros Switching to Valorant?


Mar 17, 2021
Valorant Guide

If you are a passionate follower of eSports, then you should be familiar with the name of the new tactical FPS title, Valorant. This new game is has just been released but that doesn’t stop it from making headlines day-in and day-out owing to its popularity on Twitch compared to other titles. The game has received so much love that the eSports athletes are exiting from their professional games and switching to this yet has no official tournaments. That’s right Overwatch pros are leaving Blizzard’s game for Valorant.

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Valorant is a new shooter created by Riot Games, the developer of one of the biggest eSports titles, League of Legends. It is hard not to recognize Riot’s achievements in the eSports industry and now they are taking the FPS world by storm.

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Valorant’s gameplay is quite similar to CSGO and Overwatch, and Riot has received heavy criticism for it but it is not stopping this title to take over the gaming world by storm.


Streamers and Overwatch Pros love Valorant

In the past couple of weeks, Valorant has become a force to reckon with on Twitch. The most popular streamers are playing the game all day long and some of the pros have even announced that they will likely switch to Valorant very soon.

A lot of elements come into this discussion. Firstly, Apex Legends attracted a similar spotlight in the early days of its release. It went down as one of the most successful marketing campaigns as they used Streamer. This led to Apex taking the #1 spot in the charts and became the new hot games in the esports industry. But popularity doesn’t always guarantee success. Since the game was later hated for its lack of bug-fixes and improvements.

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Valorant SEA Invitational

It seems like Valorant is not paying streamers to play the new FPS but it is distributing keys.. For streamers who have just started to offer their services, these keys are invaluable. Since they will love to get in on the hype. Riot is distributing keys through Valorant streams and the Twitch Streamers are given plenty of codes to distribute. This gives a lot of attention to both the game and the players playing it.

Will Valorant Kill Overwatch?

This was a big question asked on every major esports platform. The majority of the critics believe that it is just the new hype. An excitement that comes with every new game. For the Overwatch players, it is a great opportunity to diversify their portfolio, but only time will tell if Valorant can beat it.

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Valorant will kill overwatch?

To make a serious mark in the world of eSports, Valorant will need a big investment. Yet we believe that Riot has the money and the experience to implement it successfully, but it still doesn’t have an official release date.

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