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What is the Overwatch League?

What is the Overwatch League?

The Overwatch League is a professional league. Like every American sports league there is a regular season and then the playoffs to determine the winner. There are 20 teams in 20 different cities. The first season started in 2018. The 280-match regular season begins in February and concludes with postseason playoffs in the fall.

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The Overwatch League is a six-versus-six team-based. each team must be composed of two Damage heroes, two Supports, and two Tanks. Six players are played but each team can have 6 more players in reserve. A player can only play for one team but mid-season players can switch.


There are currently two conferences the Atlantic and the Pacific

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Regular Season

The Overwatch League includes 28 official games, each team will play 2 times against all the teams of the same conference and once with the teams of the other conference. It will be played in 26 weeks and between the 12th week and the 13th week there will be a break for the All-Stars games.


The Overwatch League ends up with a Playoff just like NFl, NBA, MLB and NHL. From the seventh to the 12th they will qualify for the play-in tournament and then there will be the playoffs. Each race will be played on the 2 games.

The first 2 teams per Conference will be the top seeds.

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From the third to the sixth will be the other six seeded.

The two teams to win the play-in tournament will be the seventh and eighth qualified for the playoff.

The final will be single-elimination match

Match format

Teams will play regular-season matches in a first-to-three map wins format:

  • Winning a map earns a team one map win.
  • Draws do not count as a map win for either team.
  • Teams will continue to play until one team achieves a third and decisive map win.
  • After every two maps played, teams will get a quick break to strategize.

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