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Skye is an initiator class agent in the booming FPS title, Valorant. Hailing from Australia, her character and ability kit are based on animals. Her love for wildlife gives her some trusty companions who can help her in her combat. Her ability kit consists of all sorts of utilities from flashes to healing and seeking enemies making her a versatile agent that fits all kinds of team comps and strategies. Skye is one of the most fun agents to play in the game and she comes with a flexible playstyle and a fun accent.


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Ability Guide

Regrowth (C)

  • Equip a healing trinket that can heal allies when the fire key is pressed and held. The ability comes with a specific range and any ally who is in the range of the ability is healed. It comes with a gauge showing the amount of healing you can do once it is cast. Skye can reuse it in a round until her healing pool is depleted and she cannot heal herself.
  • Type: Basic Ability
  • Cost: 200 creds
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Trailblazer (Q)

  • Equip a Tasmanian Tiger trinket that you can take control of when fired. The tiger can be used for scouting purposes and it is usable for a certain duration and distance. It leaps forward for a concussive explosion when fired again and damages enemies directly hit and concuss all enemies around the radius of the explosion.
  • Type: Basic Ability
  • Cost: 200 Creds
  • Duration: 5 seconds

Guiding Light (E)

  • Equip a hawk trinket that can be fired to flash enemies who are met with its line of sight. The hawk can be guided when the fire key is held and reusing the ability casts the flash. When enemies are flashed, Skye confirms it also giving the information to allies. The hawk can be guided for 4 sends before it expires. You can carry up to 3 charges and one charge refreshes for free each round.
  • Type: Signature Ability
  • Cost: 100 Creds
  • Duration: 4 seconds
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Seekers (X)

  • Equip a seeker trinket that sends out 3 seekers to track the 3 closest enemies when fired. If the seeker reaches its targets, they will get nearsighted.
  • Type: Ultimate Ability
  • Cost: 6 points

Tips and Tricks

While Skye is a great, fun, and unique initiator in the game, almost all her skills can be easily countered. All of her trinkets has an HP value and enemies can shoot at them to cancel the ability. The tiger has 100 HP, Hawk 60 HP, and the Seekers 150 Hp. However, this does not say that she is weak either. Her abilities are extremely useful in revealing enemy positions and you can easily scout areas without risking your life. Following are some helpful tips and tricks you definitely should try out next time you are playing Skye;

  • Her hawk ability (E) can be used for flashing but will not always work as it can be shot down. Use it and the tiger ability to scout out areas before entering them and to reveal enemy positions.
  • You should try to maximize the use of her healing ability by healing multiple allies at once because her pool depletes at the same rate whether if it is a single ally or not.
  • Properly communicating with your allies will help you get the max use out of her abilities. Always inform your allies where the enemies are when Skye gives you info about enemy positions.

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