• Fri. Oct 7th, 2022
Valdes-Scantling to launch a new eSports team

Many stars of the NFL (the America Football League) are passionate about eSports and have entered the market by creating eSports teams. Unfortunately, in Europe, however, football players at least for the moment have not followed the American example and although many play, very few have an eSports team.

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Subnation Media announced that it has partnered with Green Bay Packers star and Wide Receiver Marquez Valdes-Scantling to launch a new eSports team. The team name will be Trench Made Gaming (TMG). What’s special is that this one will have a Combine, just like in the NFL, to select the best players.

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In fact, this Combine will be organized and those interested in joining this team will have to present themselves and show their talent by challenging other opponents. The best players of this event will then be selected and will join the TMG team. “I am thrilled to partner with Subnation to create a competitive esports team that can deliver high-powered experiences for the entire community,” said Valdez-Scantling.


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Who will be selected will then have all the tools to virtually train with the other team members to always improve. “I want to give other players the opportunity to be themselves and to grow with others as a team.” Valdez-Scantling told Daily Esports. Many have wondered if this invitation is also intended for players who have already become professionals. Subnation Media replied: “There are a lot of great players out there and we are inviting the best potential customers to our Combine in the coming months.”

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The project also includes the creation of a venue where team members can train and work together just like the official eSports teams. But as Doug Scott, co-founder and CEO of Subnation Media explained, there are other ideas about the future of TMG. “Together, we will build a premium lifestyle brand for the gaming community that delivers both digital and physical entertainment experiences.”

TMG has not explained on which eSports they will launch but according to Forbes it will be Call of Duty and Fortnite. The project has just started but there are very interesting ideas behind it, time will tell if TMG will be successful in the future but surely this is a wonderful initiative that will give some enthusiasts the chance to turn their passion into a job.


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