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UK Government says eSports can become “real national strength”

UK Government says eSports can become "real national strength"

The UK has always been one of the European countries most open to innovation. Now England could become one of the benchmarks for eSports. In fact, the government has declared that “eSports could become a real force for the UK”.


Esports a strength for the country

England has always been ahead of many European countries and is once again proving it. Just in these days The Department for Digital, Culture, Media and Sport (DCMS) has published the government response to the report of the DCMS Select Committee on immersive and addictive technologies.

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This report investigates about all the famous loot boxes, the in-game expenses that have sparked so much discussion in the past and many have compared them to gambling, but above all in this report there is an interesting survey on eSports. It seems that the British government has understood how eSports can have a positive impact for the UK.

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Black Ops Cold War

“eSports have the potential to develop as an area of ​​real national strength in the UK, building on our world-class video games, entertainment and sports sectors. The strong growth of the online esports audience and the growing number of events and investments of eSports in the UK indicate that there is a solid foundation on which to build ”.

Esports and the problem VISA

The government has expressed an interest in helping this booming sector in the country. One of the biggest issues is the visa, just as sports athletes from other countries have problems entering and working in the UK needing a Visa, a problem that limits the growth of UK eSports teams.

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“It will also involve resolving key concerns on issues including talent work and competition in the UK, access to venues and ensuring that esports can be conducted safely and fairly for competitors and the public.” Send the Government in this report.

A Panel to develop eSports in UK

The government also announced that intends to create a panel discussion with industry experts to “discuss the opportunities and obstacles to market-led growth in the UK”. In short, the British government has understood how eSports can also benefit the nation from an economic point of view.

We are talking about a rapidly growing market all over the world, it is important that a European government has understood the strategic importance of eSports and is interested in helping the development of this business in its own country.

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