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Snoop Dogg rage quits Madden Twitch stream

Snoop Dogg rage quits Madden Twitch stream

How many times have we lost our temper while playing online? Well this time it happened to the famous American rapper Snoop Dogg. American Football fan Snoop Dogg couldn’t keep his cool after the opposing team scored a touchdown while live streaming Madden NFL 20.


Snoop Dogg indulged in a series of cursing and immediately unplugged the console. After a few more moments, Snoop Dogg let out more curses as he began banging on his desk in frustration. He yelled that his team sucked before he got up and took off his headphones.

But according to viewers, the rapper forgot to turn off the live stream which went on for several hours after he left. Oddly, Snoop’s audience increased once he finished playing. While he was still playing, Snoop Dogg had 200-300 spectators. After his angry gesture, Snoop’s view count quickly increased, eventually reaching 4,400 concurrent viewers when he returned to shut down the computer.


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Snoop Dogg seemed unaware that he left the live stream on. He had no reaction or emotion when he went back to the room to finish the Live.

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Snoop Dogg viewers skyrocketed on Twitch after his anger exploded. It is surprising to note that a celebrity like Snoop Dogg has so little audience on Twitch, just think that on average he has only 300 viewers per live with a peak in the last few months of 968 viewers in the last 3 months. Things got off to a good start as the first live on Twitch drew 1000 viewers.

The problem is that Snoop Dogg doesn’t interact with his viewers at all. Many celebrities may not be aware of the effort it takes to stream successfully. This usually includes entertaining viewers, interacting with them, and doing other things that can distract from the game in question, but grow the number of followers. Just playing a game live isn’t enough to be a popular streamer on Twitch. Also, many celebrities don’t have fixed streaming appointments or schedules but just go live when they want

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Going crazy in Madden is quite common. The game bug leads to too many frustrating moments that are out of the player’s control. Unsurprisingly, Snoop Dogg got agitated. In fact, he is very well known for being quite a “bad loser” in the past when he has lost games or misbehaved in tournaments.

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