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Riot Plans To Nerf Everfrost, Adjust Turbo Chemtank In League’s Patch 11.7

Riot Plans To Nerf Everfrost, Adjust Turbo Chemtank In League’s Patch 11.7

The Season 11 of League of Legends introduced major itemization upgrades and the latest changes seemed to have disturbed the balance a bit in the sense that a few items had become extremely powerful whereas others, when used, seemed to make no difference whatsoever.

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Thus, it was being anticipated that another update will be on its way soon for readjusting this balance, and just as expected, patch 11.7 is likely to deliver what was expected to make the gameplay more enjoyable for everyone without being biased.

An Important Tweet

A recent tweet from Mark Yetter, the gameplay design director of League of Legends, threw light on some of the expected changes in the upcoming patch.

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The highlight of the update will be to nerf Everfrost for the purpose of making it more powerful in both modes of gameplay i.e. standard matchmaking and pro-play.

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But the question that arises in minds of readers is why was this important? The answer is that Everfrost nerfs has stayed in the limelight during the past couple of weeks and they have been used very often in the recent past by gaming enthusiasts.

Patch 11.7 Not So Good For Mid-Lane Mages

It is worth mentioning that the beginning of Season 11 was not very good for the mid-lane mages and thus several of them including Twisted Fate, Syndra, and Ryze were later made more effective with buffs that were presented in patch 11.4.

Other Items Will Also Be Nerfed

It is worth mentioning that patch 11.7 is not just confined to the Everfrost and thus other items in addition to the Everfrost will also be nerfed. One such example is the Essence Reaver which is expected to see some downscaling as it has been observed that the item is quite dangerous when used by some champions which include Xayah and Ezreal.

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Changes Regarding Chemtank

Chemtank has been one of the primary choices of a lot of tank champions and bruisers. Currently, with a win rate of 52.6%, the item is extremely popular among junglers.

It has been because of Chemtank that Hecarim and Udyr have been the most played champions in the jungle role. Furthermore, Spirit Walker has become one of the important picks in both standard matchmakings and pro-play due to this item.

According to Yetter, the game developers are expected to shift the item’s power from “speed” to “other stuff”. What is this “other stuff”? This question remains unanswered for now. However, it is expected the tomorrow this “other stuff” will also be unveiled.  But one thing is for certain, which is that all these updates are likely to change the overall gameplay dynamics.

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When Will Patch 11.7 Be Available?

So, when will this patch be available?  No one is certain about it for now however, it is expected that players will be able to get their hands on patch 11.7 on March 31.

Final Verdict

Thus, if you are also one of the many players that felt the need for an update for bringing some betterments, patch 11.7 is likely to address your requirements in a befitting manner.

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