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Overwatch Team: Dallas Fuel

Dallas Fuel

As evident from its name, Dallas Fuel is a professional Overwatch League team that participates in the league as a member of the Pacific West Division. The team was founded in 2016 and has the honor of being one of the twelve founding teams of the League.

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In 2019, Dallas Fuel became the first team that played a home match when they hosted the “Dallas Fuel Homestead Weekend”.

Team’s Organization

The team is owned by Kenneth Hersh and Mike Rufail. The current Head Coach of Dallas Fuel is Yun Hee-won. Mathew Taylor currently serves as the General Manager of the team.

The below image shows the team’s organization. It also displays the joining date of each member of the team’s organization.

It is pertinent to mention that important personnel of the team’s organization belong to three different countries.

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Total Earnings

The total earnings of the team amount to $110,000 which is a handsome figure but is much lesser than the overall earnings of several other competitor teams.

Former Roster

The team’s former roster is a great tool for getting an insight into the past performance of the team.

From the below image it is evident that all 9 members of the former roster of Dallas Fuel left the team recently and now the team comprises of new players.

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Active Roster

The current roster of the team consists of 8 players in total, 7 of which are new players that have joined the team within the past 5 months.

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Almost all the members of the team are newcomers. This can give a new push start to Dallas Fuel. This might aid the team in reaching new heights as the new players are usually more motivated. By capitalizing on this opportunity, Dallas Fuel can obliterate its opponents with ease.

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If the opportunity is not properly utilized, all newcomers can become a burden for the team.

Furthermore, all 8 players of the current roster are from the same country i.e. South Korea. This lack of diversity can affect the performance of the team as usually international players carry more experience and can provide better guidelines to local players as well.

 Upcoming Matches

The team’s upcoming matches expected to take place in the next 9 weeks are shown below. These upcoming matches are crucial for the team as they can assist Dallas Fuel in improving its overall performance.

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The current win-rate percentage of Dallas Fuel in Series is 35.92%. In this category, the team has won 37 matches and has lost 66.

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In the Games category, the win-rate percentage of the team is 38.86%. Here Dallas Fuel has won 157 matches and lost 247.

For now, the team has not been able to win any Championships, Division titles, and Stage titles.


The team’s achievements along with the resultant prize money are displayed in the below image to give a better idea to readers.

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Final Verdict

Dallas Fuel is a struggling team with a relatively low win-rate percentage. The team needs to improve its performance if it wants to come at par with the best participants of the Overwatch League.

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