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Overwatch League: Atlanta Reign

Overwatch League: Atlanta Reign

As evident from its name, this Overwatch eSports team is based in Atlanta Georgia and it participates in the Overwatch League as a part of the Western Division.

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Atlanta Reign has the honors of being the first eSports team representing Atlanta city. The Atlanta Reign is owned by Atlanta Esports Ventures and the current General Manager of the team is Paul Hamilton.

Brief history

Atlanta Reign was founded in August 2018 and started its career in 2019 as one of the eight Overwatch expansion teams.

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Team Sponsors

The current sponsors of Atlanta Reigns include:

  • McDonald’s;
  • Autotrader;
  • Secret Lab.

Team Uniforms

The below image shows the Home and Away uniforms of Atlanta Reigns:

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Total Earnings

The total earnings of Atlanta Reign amount to $410,000. However, it is pertinent to mention that several teams with much more earnings are currently in existence. Therefore, Atlanta Reign has a lot of room for improvement.

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Former Roster

Before taking a look at the current roster of the team, it is essential to first look at the former roster. The below image shows the team members during 2020.

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Current Roster

The currently active roster of the team comprises 7 players which are shown in the below image with their names, roles, and joining dates.

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It is pertinent to mention that three out of these seven players have joined the team within the past year.

Upcoming Matches

Currently, Atlanta Reigns hasn’t won any Championships, Division Titles, or Stage Titles however the upcoming matches of the team shown in the below image can assist it in taking a step in the right direction.

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All these matches are expected to take place within the next nine weeks and thus the members of Atlanta Reign are trying hard to give a tough time to the opponents.


Although the team has not been able to win any big title yet, its major achievements and rewards are shown below

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The main strength of the team is its diversity. This is because the seven players that are a part of the active roster are from four different countries. In this way, the team carries the best players that are ideal for their roles.


A team is only as strong as its weakest member and the cohesion between a team’s members plays a pivotal role in its success.

As already mentioned above, three out of the seven players of Atlanta Reign have joined the team recently which can translate to a lack of unity in the team members, and if this happens, the team can easily be obliterated by the cut-throat competition.

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It is also essential to keep in mind that a large number of players joined and left the team in 2020 which is not a good sign and indicates that players think of Atlanta Reign as a stopgap arrangement and thus keep switching.

Final Verdict

The team carries a total win-rate of 52.17% in the Series as it has won 36 matches and lost 33. Furthermore, in games, the team carries a win-rate of 54.55% as it has won a total of 150 matches and lost 125 in this category. Thus Atlanta Reign is yet to show its true mettle and fans have high hopes from the team.

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