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Most watched eSports in 2020


Mar 6, 2021

Which was the most watched eSports tournament in 2020? Esports Charts, like every year, provided the ranking taking into account each single championship deducted for hours viewed. Like every year there are very interesting results and other surprising ones that still help to understand the world of eSports in a better way and understand where it is going.

There are many professional eSports, there are the various League of Legends leagues, the Dota 2 tournaments, the Overwatch League, the CS: GO championships without forgetting the Call of Duty League. Which was the most viewed in 2020?

The league with more views in 2020 was the Korean League of League of Legends which recorded 136 million hours watched for 637 hours of broadcasting. The LCK also broke the Peak Viewers record with 1 million and came very close to reaching the levels of the Mondale.


The domination of LOL

To confirm the dominance of League of Legends, it should be noted that the European League of League of Legends came fourth with almost 73 million hours of views while the American league ranked fifth with 63 million hours viewed. The LEC confirms that there is great interest in Europe for League of Legends while in the United States the LCS has achieved good results but below expectations.

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The growth of eSports Mobile

The second place went to the Mobile Legends Professional League which had a total of 95 million hours viewed, about 40 million hours less than the LCK. The Mobile Legends Professional League highlights the growth of mobile eSports and their rapid expansion in Asia. The Mobile Legends Professional League in fact covers the regions of Philippines, Malaysia / Singapore, and Myanmar. As written here, mobile eSports are growing strongly and probably in 2021 in the top 5 we could have other mobile championships also seen the successes of Call of Duty Mobile and PUGB Mobile.

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In third place we find CS: GO The ESL leagues recorded 77 million hours viewed, about 5 million more than the LEC. However, a positive result for CS: GO which despite criticism remains among the 5 most viewed eSports.

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The Disappointments

In the ranking there are important absences. There is no trace, for example, of Dota 2, one of the most followed games failed to find space in the top 5. One of the reasons is to be found in the cancellation of The International, the great seasonal event canceled due to Covid-19. According to the exports Dota 2 after so many years at the top would be in crisis and fans were moving on to other eSports. The Overwatch League is not in the top 5 either. Activision’s event did not garner the expected consensus. The third season was not the desired success. Eventually 25 million watched hours for the Overwatch League that didn’t even reach half of the LCS watched hours. 2021 for the Overewatch League will be essential to prove that it is a valuable league.

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The Call of Duty League does not appear in the top 5 either. The growing league in the United States has only collected 15 million watched hours, a disappointing result and very far from the top 5.


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