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Microsoft in talks to acquire Discord


Mar 23, 2021 ,
Microsoft in talks to acquire Discord

Microsoft has started the buying season and has no plans to stop. After taking home the big hit Bethesda, Microsoft is still aiming to strengthen its gaming department with a strategic acquisition.

Microsoft acquired Bethesda

Microsoft in recent years has understood that the games market is very important and could represent an important entry for the company for this reason after the launch of the Xbox Microsoft is aggressively attacking the market to close the gap with Sony. In recent days, the acquisition of Bethesda has been confirmed, which many gamers will know for Doom and Elder Scrolls.

The acquisition cost 7.5 billion dollars, a very important figure but that makes us understand the value of the acquisition of Microsoft Bethesda and Zenimax Media are two very famous companies in the world of video games and significantly enhance the Xbox pass.

Microsoft acquiring Discord?

But Microsoft does not want to stop there and has aimed at another strategic acquisition: Discord. Discord does not produce video games but it is the most used communication system among gamers. Discord has become a hugely successful platform after launching 5 years ago and is valued at $ 7 billion. Discord in recent days has talked to potential buyers about a possible acquisition without ever mentioning Microsoft.

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Microsoft is said to be ready to offer more than $ 10 billion. Discord would be a very interesting and highly valuable purchase for Microsoft that could truly bring huge benefits to society. The video game market is increasingly growing and Microsoft is looking with interest to eSports, buying Discord would be a choice that would open up enormous possibilities for the company in the future.


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