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Here is the new season of Overwatch Contenders

Overwatch Contenders

The new season of Overwatch is now close, it will start next April 16, but first the new season of Overwatch Contenders will start. Blizzard announced that the format changes that were applied in the different regions last year have been successful and will therefore be confirmed this year. and teams in North America, Europe, South Korea, China and Australia are competing for a global prize pool of $ 1.3 million in 2021.


Here are some region-by-region changes

North America and Europe

Contenders North America and Europe will continue to hold the eight-team double elimination on an approximately monthly basis. Following the advice of the community there will be two tournaments straddling the championships this means that the teams that qualify for the contenders first will have to compete in two rounds before facing the final round for relegation. The first Trials will start at the beginning of March while the first tournament will start at the end of March.


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South Korea

Contenders Korea will continue to host a traditional 10-team championship. There will be a tournament between the tournament and the playoffs to determine the seeded playoffs. Obviously, the playoffs will be single elimination and the elimination will be based on a single match. Being seeded will avoid facing the strongest teams in the playoffs right away. The tournament will start in mid-March.

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Contenders China will have the same format from the same year but there will be substantial differences. The number of teams will be reduced from 12 to 8 to raise the level of play and ensure more spectacular matches. The other difference is that test tournaments will be reduced from four to two this year to create more stability for the Contenders teams. The season will start in mid-March.


Here there will be a single championship with the reduction of teams to ensure a higher level of competition and more show. The teams will go from 8 to 6 and the championship will start in mid-March.

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Contestants’ spectator prizes

Contenders’s viewer incentive program will remain the same in 2021. Viewer rewards will return to all official broadcasts starting with Contenders Australia on March 11, and the first set of hero skins this year will be Bastion (7 hours) and Reinhardt (15 hours). Like last season, viewers can earn rewards by enjoying live matches on overwatchleague.com.

We are ready for the new season of Overwatch Contenders, hoping it will be a great show and that it will once again give us an exciting season full of great games.

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