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French team eliminated for internet issues!


Mar 8, 2021
French team eliminated for internet issues!

How many of us complain about connection problems when playing games? How many times have you lost a game because of the game “lag”. Well, this time these problems have put professional teams in great difficulty.

In the Fortnite Champions Series we have now reached the semifinals, the tournament that started in December offers a prize pool of 3 million dollars. Fortnite is one of the fastest-growing games in the world of esports, and more and more tournaments are offering major prize pools. This game is very successful in Europe and North America, a little less in Asia. In Europe, as mentioned, the Fortnite Champion Series is being played but in the second of the four rounds scheduled in Europe a great disaster happened.

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Well for the French teams the mission was made even more difficult and not by the game or by the opponent but by the internet connection. While almost all the European teams have had no problems with the connection, the French players have been in great difficulty because of the internet. Many players have accused Orange, one of the French providers, which seems to have caused the disconnection of many French players.

In fact, one of the most popular teams was immediately eliminated due to the Internet connection. In fact, the French trio Keziix, Nayte and 4zr were eliminated because Keziix was unable to enter game one and then he and Nayte were disconnected in game two. With this problem, they had no chance and were eliminated from the tournament.

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Many players tweeted #REMAKEFNCSHEAT2 to ask for a repetition of the competition given the technical problems that strongly affected the performance of many players but Fortnite responded by saying that this was not possible.

Epic Games explained that “Despite ISP Internet issues outside of our control, we will not restart the FNCS Semi-Finals due to not meeting the minimum threshold of impacted players in the EU tournament. As per the official rules in 5.2.1, the FNCS Semi-Finals will continue as planned”

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Pay attention to your connection when starting an online tournament, check that your provider has no problems!


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