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eSports in India, incredible growth

eSports in India

A country where eSports are booming is India. The country in recent years has made giant steps even if it is still behind the big giants. But many big companies are investing in India because they have realized it will be the next big esports market.


One of the countries where eSports are growing faster is India, a country that has been on the sidelines until now but could soon become one of the main markets. Confirmations come from the impressive numbers of eSports growth in India. In India, over 17 million people attended eSports tournaments in 2020, double the number of the previous year.

Not only that, Indian tournament prize pools have increased by 25%, 30% in one year. Covid-19 has from a certain point of view helped the explosion of eSports since they can be played online, but this cannot be the only justification for these numbers.


According to the consulting agency KPMG, in 2025 the viewers will reach 130 million. Many companies have thrown themselves into the Indian esports market. PlayerUnknown’s Battlegrounds (PUBG) has prepared the market. The first real eSports to enter India has been very successful in the last two years, but now Indian regulations against Chinese products have forced PUBG out of the Indian market.

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His place, however, was immediately taken by other big players. Activision, Garena and Supercell understood the importance of the Indian market and immediately entered with their eSports: Call of Duty, Free Fire and Clash of Clans. To Economics Times India Anirudh Pandita, the founder of Pocket Aces stated that “the market is behind the American and Chinese of a couple of years PUGB has opened the market and now many other companies have entered having understood the potential of this market”.

Asia is the continent where eSports have been most successful, China and Korea are the two strongest countries at the moment, but eSports are also spreading rapidly in the Indian market.

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Many big brands like Coca Cola or Dell are sponsoring many eSports tournaments in India. According to some experts, eSports could become the first national sport in a couple of years, surpassing Cricket. According to the director of the Indian eSports Federation, there are 200 million eSports enthusiasts in India. With PC and mobile phone prices falling, playing eSports will become more and more accessible and this will mean that more and more Indians will be able to dedicate themselves to this new passion, many are convinced that in 5-6 years the next eSports champions will come from India and not more from China and Korea. 

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A difficult challenge given that the country is behind the others but not impossible given how the market is developing and how the Indians are applying.


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