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CS:GO Beginner’s Guide


Mar 29, 2021 ,
CS:GO Beginner's Guide

Counter-Strike: Global Offensive is an online multiplayer first-person shooter (FPS) video game developed by Valve and Hidden Path Entertainment. It was first released on Microsoft Windows, Xbox 360, OS X, and PlayStation 3 in August 2012. It is considered as one of the exemplary competitive FPS games of all time due to its extreme competitiveness, game physics, and iconic map designs. CS:GO is currently the most successful game on Steam with the biggest regular player base on it.

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Its gameplay has a resemblance to most FPS titles that are out today and this is mainly because most of those games are inspired by CS:GO and its core gameplay elements. Just like the previous Counter-Strike games, CS:GO is also an objective-based multiplayer game. The players fight each other in 2 groups, Terrorists and Counter-terrorists, where the objective is to plant the bomb on one of 2 given sites within the timeframe or eliminate the defending team for the terrorists and vice-versa for the counter-terrorists.

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The game features multiple maps and the main aspect of its gameplay Is its in-game economy system. Players are awarded certain amounts for winning and losing rounds, and they should carefully manage their economy to buy weapons each round. Even though the game consists of several game modes, competitive mode manages to bring the iconic CS:GO experience and this guide will be focusing on getting good at that.

What Skills Should You Learn First?

CS:GO might look like your typical FPS game at a glance but it brings some unique elements that differentiate it from the rest. The game is one of the most competitive and challenging tactical shooters where elements like accuracy, movement, and other tactics define the winner of the game. Its well-designed maps and economic system also bring an unmatched fast-paced battle experience. The game also has some core game mechanics that really define it. Players can’t move and have the same accuracy and not all shots are accurate to your crosshair’s placement. Players take more damage when shot at heads so your head is where everyone will be trying to shoot at in this game. To improve on the game you need to get used to these conditions first. Following are simple steps you can take.

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  1. Recoil control – CS:GO has one of the harshest recoil implementations in any FPS game. Every shot after your first will land on random spots so it’s important to learn how to recoil-control your guns. Fortunately, all guns have defined recoil patterns and are usually easy to learn. Head on to a bot match or a casual mode to master your favorite guns.
  2. Accuracy – Only your first shot is accurate to your crosshair placement. So make every first shot count. Also, you cannot shoot while moving as it decreases your accuracy a lot. The best way to counter this is by learning the simple skill, counter-strafing. Counter-strafing is a simple mechanic where you move in the opposite direction when moving to make your character stop faster and get that first-shot accuracy faster than the standard way.
  3. Crosshair placement – You can easily one-shot your enemies with the right gun if you aim at their heads. So in order to land more headshots, you need to learn to place your crosshair to your enemies’ head levels. This is not a skill you can learn instantly but you will get good at it as you get more practice and experience.
  4. Other Micromanagement – The game also comes with utilities for you to make tactical plays. Using your grenades effectively and efficiently is also a part of improving. The best way to learn how to improve your utility usage skills is by learning line-ups from experts. You can find videos explaining all line-ups of all maps easily on YouTube. Apart from that, the economy in-game is also a part of micromanagement. You need to learn when to buy and when to save in order to win rounds.
  5. Macros – Map awareness is another very important skill you need to improve. Know how to guess enemy positions and when to rotate accordingly to win rounds. Also, remember to communicate with your team to give call-outs and intel on enemy positions.
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These are some skills every beginner should know if they plan on getting good at the game. Mastering these 5 basic skills will make you win games and climb your ranks in no time.

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