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Chengdu Hunters all you need to know

Chengdu Hunters

Chengdu Hunters was founded in 2018 and started its career as one of the eight Overwatch expansion teams. Currently, Chengdu Hunters has the honor of being one of the four professional Overwatch teams from China.

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The team is a part of the Pacific division of the Overwatch League. It is owned by Huya Inc. which is also the sponsor of the team. The Head Coach of Chengdu Hunters is Wang Xingrui.


Team’s Uniform

The team’s official “Home” and “Away” uniforms are shown below:

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Total Earnings

The team’s total earnings amount to $15,000 which is significantly lesser than the North American participants of the league.

Team’s Organization

The team’s organization is as under:

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Former Roster

The roster of the Chengdu Hunters for 2020 was as follows:

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The image shoes the name, role, joining and leaving dates along with the new team of each member.

From the above image it is evident that three out of the six members of the roster left the team within one year. This in a way reflects the inability of Chengdu Hunters to retain players.

Active Roster

The active roster of Chengdu Hunters is shown below:

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The team currently comprises of 12 players many of which have joined the team within the past one year.


A large number of players in the team’s roster means that more than one player is available for the same role. For example, as evident from the above image, four players play the role of Tank and similarly four players are available for the role of DPS.

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This wide range of options not only provides diversity but also lessens the pressure on the team’s organization as it has multiple options available in times of emergency.


The main weakness of the team is that all 12 players of the current roster are from the same country which is unlike several other teams participating in the league. In such teams players from different countries participate and thus the local players get the chance to learn new skills from the experience of international players.

Team Results

The team possesses a win-rate of 37.7% in Series where it has won 23 matches and lost 38.

In Games, the performance of Chengdu Hunters is comparatively better as in this category the team has a win-rate of 42.68%. Here the team has won a total of 105 matches and has lost 141.

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Upcoming Matches

The matches of Chengdu Hunters that are expected to take place within the next 9 weeks are shown below.

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These matches are a great way for the team to improve its win-rate percentage as the team has not been able to win any Championship, Division title or Stage title until now.


The team’s achievements along with the resultant prize money are shown in the below image to give a better idea to readers:

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Final Verdict

Chengdu Hunters is an upcoming team with extremely low earnings and a mediocre win-rate percentage. Thus, it currently has to improve a lot for coming at par with other teams participating in the Overwatch League.

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