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Boston Uprising, all you need to know

Boston Uprising, all you need to know

Based in Massachusetts, Boston Uprising is an Overwatch esports team that was founded in July 2017. The team is owned by Robert Kraft and participates in the Overwatch League as a member of the Atlantic North Division. The current head coach of Boston Uprising is Kim Seung-hyun.

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One of the major achievements of Boston Uprising is that in 2018 it became the only team in the history of Overwatch League that remained undefeated in the regular season stage where it went 10-0. However, the team was eliminated in the first round.

Team Uniform

The “Home” and “Away” team uniform of the Boston Uprising is shown below:

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Team Sponsors

The current sponsors of the team include:

  • Bose;
  • Gillette;
  • Samsonite;
  • Dream Seat;
  • Helix eSports.

Total Earnings

The total earnings of Boston Uprising amount to $253,000 which isn’t much because it is a relatively old team and several competitors have made more money in a shorter time.

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It is pertinent to mention that for now, Boston Uprising has not been able to win any Championships, Stage titles, and Division titles.

Team’s Organization

The team’s current organization is as follows:

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Former Roster

Before taking a look at the current roster, it is essential to take a look at the past roster of the team as it allows us to get a detailed insight into its past performance.

Here is the roster of Boston Uprising for 2020:

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Current Roster

The team comprises 9 players and the current roster is as follows:

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The names, roles, and joining dates of all players are shown in the below image. It is essential to highlight here that 6 out of the 9 players on the active roster of Boston Uprising joined the team less than a year ago.

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Weakness Of The Team

A large portion of the team comprises newcomers who might be good individual players, but the overall cohesion of the team members greatly affects the outcome and team performance.

The overall team chemistry can thus take a hit which can become one of the weaknesses of the Boston Uprising.

Strength Of The Team

The diversity in terms of the background of players gives Boston Uprising an upper hand over the competitors as the current roster has players from four different countries.

Upcoming Matches

The upcoming matches of the Boston Uprising that are expected to take place in the next nine weeks are shown below. These matches provide a great chance for the team to improve its win-rate.

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The team’s achievements and the resultant prize money are displayed in the below image to give a better idea to readers about the team’s performance.

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Boston Uprising has an overall low win-rate percentage of 39.05% in Series. The team has won 41 matches whereas it has lost 64 matches in this category.

However, the performance in games is relatively better where Boston Uprising carries an overall win-rate percentage of 41.51%. Here the team has won 176 and lost 248 out of its 424 matches.

Final Verdict

Boston Uprising is a struggling team with relatively lower win-rates. Thus, the team has a lot of room for improvement.  

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