• Wed. Oct 5th, 2022

77% of Fans want to attend an in-person eSports event

77% of Fans want to attend an in-person eSports event

Research has revealed that 77% of North American fans are interested in attending an eSports event in person as soon as possible, despite coronavirus-related problems. The study was conducted by Convention Sports and Leisure International (CSL) and Esports Entry Advisory (EEA).

Get back to a live tournament as soon as possible? is what 77% of North American fans want. It’s important to notice that only 17% of respondents admitted to having participated in a live event in the past so they would be looking to attend their first live event.

“Many of the survey respondents in small or medium-sized communities explained that they simply don’t have any events or facilities nearby,” said CSL’s Tyler Othen. “This gap between live event interest and event access is significant and represents a very real, long-term opportunity to develop more impactful events and hotel nights on a more regional basis across the country. “.

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The research also showed that the online presence is higher if the event is held live and not just digitally. Analysis of over 2,000 live eSports events revealed that on average they have more than twice as many online views as digital-only events. At the same time, this study highlighted that many facilities would be interested in hosting an eSports event in the near future. As many as 79% of event venues and destinations are “very interested or significantly interested ” in hosting competitive gaming events in the future.

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The study found that places with capacities of 600 or less generated 68% of online viewing hours. “Local esports events could lead the way, but other live entertainment formats, particularly those with a younger fan base, should start adopting a ‘hybrid mindset’ right now,” noted Peter Warman, CEO delegate and co-founder of Newzoo.

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Despite players’ desire to participate in the events, video game developer Epic Games has confirmed that it has no in-person tournaments scheduled for 2021, including the Fortnite World Cup. The company will double its online competitions next year, with the hope that “physical events, in some form, may return in the future”.

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