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Valorant tips and tricks

Valorant tips and tricks

Valorant is the free-to-play tactical FPS of Riot Games. The developing studio is quite successful with its competitive MOBA League of Legends (LoL), and now, it aims to bring a different universe to its audience, with characters, mechanics, and unmatched gameplay. At the time of this writing, Valorant is getting updates by Riot and should receive more changes and new content over time to engage its community.

The title seeks to attract not only the most traditional FPS fans but also a new generation of players who can take a chance and discover an alternative style of gaming. In this article, we will give you some useful tips that you can use to win your matches.

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Tip #1: Walk as much as possible

In Valorant, your footsteps make noise every time you run, and this noise can be heard by your nearby enemies. Running is the default movement to avoid it. You should hold the Shift key, which allows you to walk. We know that walking is boring since it reduces your speed. But it comes with plenty of benefits since it not only makes it impossible for enemies to hear your footsteps but also improves your accuracy.

Tip#2: Avoid shooting while running

Seeing the walking tip, you should know that in Valorant your accuracy while running. If you see an enemy while running, try to stop before firing. Since the shrinking and growing of the reticle will be in your favor.

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Tip #3: Saving Creds will win you games

When you start playing Valorant, you are tempted to buy all the abilities and weapons for every single round, and you make the purchase by using your Creds. We highly recommend you stop doing that and save your money. Since it enables you to make sync with your team and get a much better weapon for the crucial rounds. For example, it is nearly impossible to secure a round if your teammates have pistols, and you are the only one with a machine gun. Instead, save your Creds for just a couple of rounds, and in that time your teammates’ economy will also improve. Then you all get better armor, and guns to win the game.

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Tip #4: Get armor

We know that Valorant guns are pretty exciting, but they are only good if you live long enough to use them. This is where armor comes into play. Purchasing armor might not be the most hardcore thing but it is a wise move since without any armor your 100 health point will be reduced to 0 with just a couple of bullets.


Tip #5: Always aim for the head

Your aiming and shooting will be quite effective with less time you spend moving your mouse. When walking, your goal should be to set your reticle at the same height as the enemy’s head. This will take time to practice but, believe us it will significantly improve your performance in the game.


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