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Valorant Agent guide: Sage

Valorant Agent guide: Sage

Coming from China, Sage is one of the most useful agents in Valorant due to her self sufficient and supportive gameplay style. She is an agent classed as a ?Sentinel?. In terms of utility and gameplay, she delivers her team support and can easily lockdown and defend against flanks.


She is also the only agent who can heal her teammates (whereas Phoenix and Reina can only heal themselves) allowing duelists to play even more aggressively. The support she gives for a team and her healing and resurrection abilities make her an ?S tier? agent.


Ability guide

Barrier Orb (C)

  • Creates a wall that blocks offs all projectiles. The wall has 800 health points and can be destroyed through enemy and ally fire. It also decays as time passes. The barrier has four sections, each section functions individually, it is also important to notice that melee attacks deal more damage to the walls. Its direction can be controlled and her allies (including herself) can be boosted to high ground as it is cast.
  • Health: 800 hp
  • Type: Basic ability
  • Cost: 400 Creds
  • Duration: 30 seconds
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Slow Orb (Q)

  • Fires a slowing orb that expands when it reaches the ground. The field slows allies and enemies, it is ideal to stop an enemy from rushing into the site. In the beta stages, players were able to bunny-hop through it but it has been nerfed in recent patches. The slow orb is also ideal to identify the positions of players as it makes a ?crackling? sound when running and jumping through it. However, walking on it will not make any noise. The orb can be thrown at a great distance and bounces off walls.
  • Type: Basic ability
  • Cost: 100 Creds
  • Duration: 7 seconds

Healing Orb (E)

  • This is her most useful ability. Sage can heal herself and her allies who are in her line of sight. This ability refreshes after cast (45s cooldown) allowing her allies to play aggressively. The heal however stops upon taking damage.
  • Type: Signature ability
  • Cost: Free
  • Duration: 45s cooldown
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Resurrection (X)

  • Sage can resurrect an ally who is in her proximity. The range of her ultimate is relatively low thus resurrecting has a risk. The enemies are notified when an ally is brought back. After a small delay, the ally is resurrected with full health without armor.
  • Type: Ultimate
  • Cost: 7 Ultimate Points

Tips and tricks

Sage lands on the S tier in the agent tier list as she has some amazing abilities that benefit both your teammates and yourself. She has the highest 1v1 win percentage even though she seems like a typical support character. Her utilities are extremely useful in team plays, thus she fits into any team composition in any map. Following are some helpful tips and tricks you definitely should try out next time you are playing Sage;


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  • Sage?s Barrier Orb is the most versatile ability as it can assist in many different playstyles and scenarios. It can be used to block enemy sieges, elevate you or/and your teammates, etc. However note that Raze?s abilities (especially the satchel) do more damage to her walls.
  • Resurrecting an ally can be dangerous while in a tough position. Make it a habit to use a wall to cover up from the side where the enemies might be and then resurrect the ally.
  • Slow orbs can easily sabotage enemy rushes and sieges. Use it wisely to slow down the enemies.
  • Sage is not just a support agent but is self-sufficient. When everything else fails, take advantage of her abilities to win the game by yourself. (if necessary)

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