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Overwatch League Community Update: 2021 Season Structure

Overwatch League 2021

2021 has brought some good news for the world, and everyone?s happy about it. After being claimed by the pandemic and lockdowns, most gaming competitions were either shifted to online modes or postponed. With vaccination trails beginning, big leagues are starting to come back. For the fans of Overwatch, it?s Christmas again!

COD League recently leaked their upcoming schedule, it was time for Overwatch to step up in the game. The Overwatch League is back in the game and this year it?s all about proving who preserved during the pandemic.

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According to the reports, the League will kick off in April 2021 with regular matches scheduled between teams. Similar to the previous season, teams will be divided into two groups, East and West, based on their locations. Qualifiers will be played and each team will be required to play four qualifier rounds. Winners will advance and well you know the rest.

Group East includes 8 teams competing in China and South Korea. These include:

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  1. Chengdu Hunters
  2. Los Angeles Valiant
  3. New York Excelsior
  4. Philadelphia Fusion
  5. Guangzhou Charge
  6. Hangzhou Spark
  7. Seoul Dynasty
  8. Shanghai Dragons

However, Group West will include 12 teams that are competing in Europe and North America. These include:

  1. London Spitfire
  2. Los Angeles Gladiators
  3. Atlanta Reign
  4. San Francisco Shock
  5. Vancouver Titans
  6. Boston Uprising
  7. Dallas Fuel
  8. Toronto Defiant
  9. Houston Outlaws
  10. Washington Justice
  11. Florida Mayhem
  12. Paris Eternal

What’s even better than top teams from any region competing in a competition? The best teams from every region competing with each other. Fans were disappointed in not seeing such matches until the end of 2020. However, the franchise is still working on plans to cope with the changing pandemic environment, hoping to organize global competition while keeping everyone safe.

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Within this concept, the franchise is exploring additional options to facilitate the security of the competition. One solution was to bring all the teams from Group West to Hawaii and using a direct routed connection, they can play against teams from Group East. In case of a change in health or travel conditions, the teams will be pivoted back according to the regional model.


Whatever happens, the top priority is to keep everyone safe. The mode is still online; however, if conditions are favorable, the franchise is also keen on adding live matches only when everything’s smooth.

For remote matches, the use of smooth and low-latency technology is prioritized and made available. Everyone will be using the technology from the franchise so that the play is leveled irrespective of the location of the teams.

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New and improved broadcasting systems, graphics packages, and digital fan experiences have been upgraded. Spoiler-free viewer mode is under progress after so many requests for the viewers. Collaboration with IBM to improve fan experience significantly is underway as well. The League is to last until September and the full schedule will be released soon.

For eager waiting fans, Kanezaka Community Tournament is now open. In addition, San Francisco Shock vs. the World competition will be airing live.

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