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New Bundle skin arriving in Valorant


Feb 18, 2021 ,
Valorant new Skin

To complete all the great news announced in these days by the Valorant studio, there is also the announcement of 2 new skin bundles, the one in the Anime style and the Celestial. The bundles will not be available immediately, but will be spread on the upcoming patches coming along with all the changes announced.


Rumors were already talking about a new series of anime-themed skins when, with the rework of Split, several items had been added to the shop on the attacker’s spawn. Statuettes depicting agents, manga volumes, and other details had therefore already aroused the fervent imagination of the community, which was not disappointed.

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The announcement was entrusted to Black of Heretics, Castilian-speaking streamer and pro player, who in the video you will find below shows all the upcoming aesthetic innovations.?

For those less accustomed to the Iberian languages, ??we propose below a translation of the main information that Black provides in the video.

Anime Bundle – Valorant Skin

In the anime bundle, in addition to weapons, exclusive anime-themed sprays and gun buddy depicting agents will also be available for purchase;

The bundle will cost a total of 8700 Valorant Points (about 85 euros);

Each weapon will cost 1775 Valorant Points individually;

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Jett’s Kunai-style knife will cost 3550 Valorant Points;

The anime bundle will be available from February 25th to March 2nd.

Celestial Bundle – Valorant Skin

Here are the skins celebrating the Chinese New Year, not as spectacular as those just presented, but which certainly offer a not indifferent elegance and “badassness”.

The bundle will contain a skin for: Frenzy, Phantom, Judge, Ares and Coltello (FAN);

Total cost: 7,100 VP;

Spray and GunBuddy will recall the figure of the bull, representative of the upcoming Chinese year.

In short, a real surprise or something that everyone expected a bit? We leave any conclusions on the subject to you. Remember as always to tell us what you think with a comment!


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