• Wed. Oct 5th, 2022

LEC double the audience compare to LCS

League Of Legends

There has always been a great rivalry between LEC and LCS or the European and American League of Legends championships. It is often debated which league has the strongest teams and which competition is the most interesting. There are those who say that the American teams are stronger and those who believe that the European ones are better. However, there is no question about one fact: which league wins in terms of audience.

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It must be said that in the past the LEC had always had a greater following than the American one, but in the last 2 years eSports in America have grown considerably and many were ready to bet that the gap had closed. Instead, it is not so in fact, the exact opposite. The LEC has a total of 296,743 average viewers, a peak of 582,469 concurrent viewers, and over 19.2 million hours watched (278.2%) – according to analysis firm Esports Charts.

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In contrast, the LCS has an average of 142,099 spectators, with a peak of 241,472 concurrent spectators and almost 6.9 million hours watched. LEC had 50% more audience in Spring 2021 than LCS. According to some experts, the reason is to be found in the poor performance of Team Liquid, the most loved team in the United States.

Others argue that the time change has had a great influence. Before, in fact, the matches were at a time that even European fans could watch the LCS while now with the start of the matches postponed it has made it virtually impossible for Europeans to watch the games live. The other reason could be the continued growth of Call of Duty in America, which continues to grow and attract more fans.

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