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How League of Legends Mid Lane Meta is Changing in Season 11

How League of Legends Mid Lane Meta is Changing

League of Legends Season 11 is here and it is packing some massive changes to the entire game. While Pre-Season of Season 11 gave everyone a preview of the plans for the year 2021, the latest season itself is packing arguably the biggest update to the game in years. The changes include an enormous update to the in-game store, items, runes, and even champions. These have collectively affected the entire game?s meta and how players approach the game with their respective roles. Even though most players won?t be needing to change the roles or champions they play due to the updates, they might start seeing some changes in the overall pace of the game, especially in higher elo and pro play.

What are the Changes in the Mid Lane Meta?

The mid lane still remains the most influential lane in League of Legends. It is where all the attention is focused on and all the action happens around the mid lane. The new item reworks have greatly affected how mid champions in the game have the potential to scale better or worse. Anivia has made a surprise comeback listing as the number one mid laner in solo queue thanks to the power of the new Liandry?s along with Pantheon, Lucian, and LeBlanc also climbing the list. But how all of this is affecting the pro play?

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Looking back at Worlds 2020 and how the meta is currently going, there doesn?t really seem to be much of a difference. Orianna and Syndra are still conquering the top spots with the highest pick/ban rates along with the highest relative win rates. New champions like Yone and other champion balancing updates have brought in more diversity to mid lane as well. Both Viktor and Yone have also made appearances in the pro play the new season and with the new meta is only adding more spicy action to the mid lane.

What Do the Pros Think About the New Meta?

Season 11 regional leagues have already started and fans got to see some feisty plays, especially from the mid laners. Following are what the mid lane stars had to say about the new changes and reworks that came with the season 2021.

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Luka ?Perkz? Perkovic, the former G2 mid/ADC star who has now moved to the LCS says that the meta hasn?t changed that much since Worlds. His playstyles, picks don?t seem to have changed with the new season and he?s still rocking his famous Orianna, Syndra, Zoe and Galio picks along with Yone being the only change.

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100 Thieves? mid laner, Tanner ?Damonte? Damonte says that more time is necessary for the meta to evolve. He furthermore says that there is room for more potential combos and mechanics that haven?t been tested yet and overtime the meta could drift away from its current state.

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Nicholas ?Ablazeolive? Abbott is the Golden Guardians? new mid laner and he has a similar view on the meta as Perkz does. He says that regardless of the new item reworks the comfort picks of players, especially Syndra and Orianna would continue to be the meta because of their versatility.

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