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Game.tv the number one mobile eSports platform


Feb 6, 2021

game.tv has just passed the milestone of 11 million subscribers, making it the number one eSports platform in the world in the mobile space.

With a very complete official website and an app available both for iOS and Android, game.tv allows you to play, organize tournaments, create guilds, ‘ladder tournaments’ and grow the community.

Launched just six months ago, game.tv continues its rapid expansion in terms of consensus, becoming the world’s largest ‘eSports mobile’ platform to date with over 11 million registered users.

Once registered, you can do several things, for example follow your favorite titles by joining guilds or creating a vertical one for your passion, giving life to tournaments at different levels.

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But the strength of game.tv is expressed thanks to the enormous interaction between users in ‘social style’, thanks to classic and voice chat systems, through which users can exchange advice and information or simply talk about their favorite game.

It is also very simple to organize or participate in the hundreds of tournaments available every day, interacting with communities distributed all over the world and dedicated to over 300 fantastic titles such as Brawl Stars, Call of Duty Mobile, League of Legends, PUBG, Garena Free Fire, Clash Royale and many others.

The numbers, among other things, highlight a huge development of the ‘female fan base’, which has led game.tv to create tournaments exclusively for women, such as Free Fire Diva Scrim Wars, to stimulate and support emerging players.

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In all, there are over 100,000 registered guilds to date, allowing millions of players to connect and interact with each other. Also noteworthy is the presence of professional players and the best content creators, given the possibility of accessing videos made specifically for the platform.

game.tv has also developed an eSports assistant based on an AI system called Tourney, which can easily run automated tournaments from start to finish. Among the features of this tool, community support, streamers and content creators in managing tournaments.

“We are going through an extremely exciting and sensitive time for the esports industry, with the number of players growing exponentially,” said Rosen Sharma, CEO of game.tv.

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“But you know, no one is born ‘professional’, that’s why we thought of game.tv as a place where novice players can grow and mature, comparing and observing the best players, creating real growth paths in the most pure of the concept of community. “

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