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Fortnite all details of the new winter event

Fortnite all details of the new winter event

Good news if you are a Fortnite lover because a new event has leaked within the Epic Games battle royale dubbed “Fortnite Winter Trials”. The winter trials will allow players to earn some new customizations and, thanks to data miners like HYPEX, we have a lot of information leaked about when it starts, what it entails and what cosmetics or rewards players will be able to earn.


Here is HYPEX in the video below with a look at the still inaccessible pages of the official Fortnite site for winter tests.

According to HYPEX, the Fortnite Winter Trials will allow players to log into their Epic Games account, choose a team associated with a high-profile Fortnite player, vote for a challenge, then play Fortnite and earn up to 12 badges to earn 12 rewards. winter themed cosmetics. Players will vote for one of three challenges, which include options such as eliminating as many NPCs as possible, completing bounties, or not being allowed to use weapons or harm other players. The cosmetics available are a pretty nice collection of winter looks, like a snowball themed spray or a new weapon skin.

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According to the Fortnite website, getting badges will be pretty straightforward. ?To get the rewards you need to log into the website and collect badges by completing various activities. Please refer to the rewards section to see how many badges are needed for each prize ?. Below is a list of how many badges each activity will be awarded:

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– Log in to activate challenges (a badge)

– Vote for challenges (one badge for each challenge)

– Click on the thumbs up sign on a team’s website (one badge per day)

– Play Fortnite for at least 20 minutes every day (one badge every 20 minutes spent in the main game mode)


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