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ESIC Bans 35 CS:GO Players For Betting Related Offences


Feb 4, 2021 ,
ESIC Bans 35 CS: GO Players For Betting Related

ESIC, the Esports Integrity Commission, continuing their trend of enforcing fair play rules, announced on 22nd January that they have banned 35 players for betting on their own matches in CS:GO.


According to ESIC, the bans were a long time coming because these players have been caught, not only betting on the ESIC member tournaments. But, they also have been caught betting on their own matches.

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The Esports Integrity Commission has been investigating the back alley deals and the cheating going on in CS:GO for more than a year now. The ESIC then went on to further clarify that, ?Over the past few years, ESIC has been investigating instances of betting behavior violations and suspected match manipulation on a global scale. While this problem is not unique to ESEA events, the scope of this release will be to explore the result of investigations into such behavior in Australian CS:GO,?

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The bans by the ESIC have been divided into different tiers, where the first tier bans a player for 12 months and going up from there, the fifth tier bans a player for 60 months.

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But, ESIC regulations of CS: GO does not just stop there; 2 players who were previously banned had their bans extended with this new roll out of sanctions last week.

The commission also distinguished that, these bans by the commission are not to be confused with the match fixing case that the ESIC caught onto a few years ago and is still investigating.

They released a statement saying, “Sanctions issued in today?s release are not for matching-fixing” and explained that, “However, ESIC is of the view that there is a high possibility that it will issue match-fixing charges arising from the ongoing investigations, potentially including against players sanctioned today.”

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But, ESIC’s report also noted some non-player individuals. Who although do not fall under ESIC’s jurisdiction, but considering the evidence. The commission will be notifying the legal bodies to take action against them.

ESIC has notified all the accused players of their bans and urged the accused players that, if they want further information about the evidence and other such details. 

They can reach out to the commission, and ESIC will answer any and all questions the players might have for them.

They also added that these queries by the players do not fall under an appeal, so no appeal fee will be charged by the ESIC for these inquiries.

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ESIC finished their announcement by advising the players to not bet on the matches that they or their teams earn money from. As, these activities hinder the integrity of the Esports Arena, and will lead to the players landing themselves in trouble with ESIC, and other law enforcement agencies at that.

ESIC, although did not clarify, but hinted that such activities could lead to cases of fraud and other such misdemeanors.

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