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Call of Duty Control mode has to change!


Feb 16, 2021
Call of Duty Control

The Call of Duty League community requires some changes to Control after the Atlanta FaZe game.

During Black Ops 4 a game mode called Control was introduced and the fans immediately loved it. The goal in this mode is quite simple: you have to capture two targets or kill the other team 30 times.

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Unfortunately this weekend in the Call of Duty League this mode did not work as expected from Black Ops 4. Former Los Angeles Guerrillas player Patrick “ACHES” Price was one of many who sent negative feedback reporting as the Black Ops version Cold War didn’t work as expected.

Even in the Atlanta Home Series games, every Control game has seen players complain about the incorrect execution of the expected mode. The main problem for the community is that in Control mode the most important thing is not to achieve the goal but to kill the opponents has become the main goal of each round.

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Some enthusiasts offered solutions to the problem such as Mark who suggested two ideas.

The first proposal is to modify the control so that offensive teams gain 20 seconds of time with each tick acquired instead of a full minute once the whole point has been captured. The staggered approach would give the offensive side more time to capture each section of the target and reward target fights.

Merk also added to change Checkmate Control. It can be said that this map / mode combination has not been well received, as the defensive side has a huge advantage.


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