• Mon. Sep 26th, 2022

Unbelievable Los Angeles Valiant fires all team and staff

Los Angeles Valiant

Incredible news because the Overwatch Los Angeles Valiant team announced that they have fired the whole team, not only the players but also all the coaches. Surprising news especially considering that in this offseason the team had acquired new players and coaches and therefore no one could think that such a thing could happen.

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The problem is that the team after the latest Overwatch League changes will be transferred to Asia and this has created obvious problems. How do you fire an entire team and coach like that? This is a great surprise especially because the team did not do badly last year, quite the contrary. Sure it’s not the best Overwatch team but a team that could certainly be a surprise this year and have improved a lot during the past season.

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To be honest rumors about this have to pop out on social media but fans didn?t believe them until players and coaches from the Valiant started tweeting hints that the rumors were true. This was a huge shock

In the tweet where Valiant announces this unexpected news, Valiant points out that the problem of transferring the entire team to Asia due to the COVID problem was the reason for this painful decision.?

What will happen to the newly fired team? It’s hard to say, there is little time to find a new team. Just as there is little time for Valiant to find an entire team to enlist for the Overwatch League.

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