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Thursday League of Legends Prediction


Jan 12, 2021
Thursday League of Legends Prediction

The LCK 2019 Spring Season is the first League of Legends event in the LCK calendar. Ten Korean teams come together over ten weeks to battle it out for a piece of the ? 350,000,000 prize pool.


LCK Betting tips DRX VS Afreeca Freecs

This is an interesting match between two teams that are really struggling. Afreeca Freecs for example have lost the last five matches the played. Things are not going much better for DRX who have won only one of the last five matches they played.

The strange thing is that the majority of bookmaker companies believe in Afreeca Freecs victory. We believe that DRX should win this match. The only match DRX won in the last five matches played was against Afreeca Freecs. Not only DRX has won all the 5 ahead to ahead against Afreeca Freecs. For this reason, we believe that DRX is going to win this match. BetOnline is offering DRX to win at +103.

Nongshim RedForce VS Liiv SANDBOX

The LCK 2019 Spring Season is the first League of Legends event in the LCK calendar. Ten Korean teams come together over ten weeks to battle it out for a piece of the ? 350,000,000 prize pool. In this article, we are going to talk about Nongshim RedForce VS Liiv SANDBOX.

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Nongshim RedForce is in a good run of form as they have won 4 of the last 5 matches played. On the other side, Liiv has won just 2 of the last 10 matches played. The two teams played against each other twice in December and on both occasions Nongshim RedForce has won, both matches were played in the KeSPA Cup.

All the bookmakers unanimously see the team Nongshim RedForce as the favorite to win this game and it’s easy to understand why. It’s true it’s the beginning of the new season and anything can happen but if things go like expected  Nongshim RedForce should be able to win this match with no big problems.

BetOnline offers Nongshim RedForce to win at -213 and it’s the best offer in the US Market.

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Suning Gaming vs Royal Never Give Up

Surely one of the most interesting matches on Thursday in the LPL League is the one between Suning Gaming vs Royal Never Give Up. Two of the best teams in the tournament competing for first place. Both Suning and Royal Never Give Up won the first match of the tournament. Suning, however, defeated a much more difficult opponent in Top Esports, a result that will surely have given the team confidence and morale. Not only did Suning win, but they won 2-0 a surprising result for many.

On the other hand, Royal Never Give Up wiped out TT 2-0 proving to be one of the best teams in the tournament. This is going to be a very interesting game to watch carefully. A challenge certainly not to be missed. But who is the favorite?

Suning has won the last two head-to-head matches Royal Never Give Up has only won 3 times in the last 7 matches against Suning. Our prediction is Suning to win. Intertops offers you Suning Gaming to win at – 303.

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Bilibili Gaming vs JD Gaming

In the LPL Thursday, there is another interesting match between Bilibili Gaming and JD Gaming. Interesting match because it is very uncertain. Bilibili Gaming won its first match in the LPL beating eStars 2-1 while JD Gaming lost 2-0 to Invictus Gaming. In short, not the best start certainly for JD Gaming.

Now JD Gaming has lost 4 of their last 5 games played and the last victory going back to the 2020 Demacia Cup when they beat 3-1 Victory Five. This is why many believe that Bilibili Gaming is the favorite in this match. But is it really so? In our opinion, no.

In fact, JD Gaming has always defeated Bilibili Gaming, the current score is 5 wins to 0 for JD Gaming, an important factor in a direct challenge. In fact, the best bookmakers give JD Gaming their favorite to win this match. Intertops offers you JD Gaming to win at -455.

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