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Friday LCK and LPL Prediction


Jan 13, 2021

LCK Prediction Brion Esports vs Gen G

In LCK Spring 2021, Brion Esports vs Gen G. will compete against each other. An interesting match to watch closely. Gen G. starts with the favors of the prediction even if they are not going through a fantastic moment in fact they have only won 2 of the last 5 matches played and 5 of the last 10. In short, Gen G is not doing very well despite being considered one of the best Korean teams of League of Legends.

It must be said that if Gen G does not laugh even Brion eSports is not doing well having won only 1 of the last 5 games played. In brief, this match is between two teams trying to find each other after a not exactly exciting end of 2020. Gen G has a head a head on his side having beaten Brion eSports last December in the KeSPA Cup a few weeks ago.

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LPL Spring 2021, Rogue Warriors vs eStars Pro

In LPL Spring 2021, Rogue Warriors vs eStars Pro is another match with two teams in a crisis of results. Rogue Warriors did not end 2020 well by collecting 4 victories in the last 10 matches but did better than eStars Pro which has only won 2 of the last 10 games. eStars Pro also lost their first game of 2021 against Bilibili Gaming, a match within reach that was lost 2-1.

Head-to-head matches are in perfect equality Rogue Warriors won the last game last July 2-0 while eStars won 2-0 last January. In short, it seems a rather uncertain.

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LCK Prediction DAMWON Gaming vs T1

On Friday in the LCK Spring Damwon Gaming is playing against T1 a very interesting game. DAMWON Gaming is aiming to win the tournament and is certainly a very difficult team to beat. DAMWON Gaming has won all of their last 5 games and in the last 10, they have only lost once.

This is something that should scare T1, which on the contrary has only won 1 game of the last 5 played. Not only that, in the past encounters, Damwon Gaming has won the last 4 games against T1. T1’s latest success dates back to the LCK Spring of 2020.

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LPL Spring 2021 Top Esports vs Rare Atom

Top Esports is playing against Rare Atom in the third match of the LPL Spring 2021. Top Esports surprisingly have lost the first two matches of LPL Spring. Losing against Suning is a surprise but not so much Suning Gaming is a good team, but losing agianst Rogue Warriors was unbelivable. Is Top Esports in crisis?

This match will be key for Top Esports, they have to win to prove that they are still a top team in LOL. Top Esports have won the last 3 past encounters. We believe that Top Esports will win this match, this is their last chance!


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