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Top 5 NA Valorant Players Of 2020


Dec 11, 2020
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Valorant has been one of the fan?s favorites eSports and it has been a monumental year for this game. Players from around the globe have played it and made their name in the market. Here are the top 5 North American Valorant players of 2020 that you should know about:

1.    Tenz-Cloud9 Blue

The uncontested Jett god, Tenz is the player that makes it to the top of the list. His gameplay is stunning and even when not many people have seen his gameplay, he?s still the top contender for Jett in Valorant. From actions to movement and the capabilities he shows, Tenz brings proficiency for several other agents that always secure the win for his team Cloud9. The reason is the outclass skill set that Tenz has and these skills when combined with flashy kills make him even more appealing. With his teammates ?Shinobi? and ?Relyks,? Tenz can make the move without having to worry about losing backup.

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2.    Mummay-Envy

When we talk about consistency that is impactful, Anthony ?mummAy? DiPaolo is the name that comes to mind. This player is known for its terrific playing throughout the game. Playing Omen or Jett, mummAy brings a relentless set of skills that ensure the team?s victory. His performance using sneaky positioning via smoke and catching enemies off guard is what makes him an aggressive player in the game. Sneaking into the enemy corners like an assassin, mummAy quickly turns the tables on the enemy teams without giving them the chance to recover.

3.    Subroza-TSM

Yassine ?Subroza? Taoufik is the rocking chair for TSM. His unique gameplay fragging on Brimstone or Omen provides the foundation for the team?s success. His aggressive gameplay of concealing his movements and setting up sweet kills is what makes him a great player. Pulling off the impossible numerous times, this guy is consistent in holding his killstreaks with Jett and Raze. Enemy teams have to vary his smoke placements; otherwise, they’re done for.

4.    Sinatraa-Sentinels

Jay ?Sintraaa? Won began his career with Overwatch League, claiming MVP and 2019 Championship title. Joining Sentinels to play Valorant, Sinatraa used his experience and skills from prior gaming league to secure wins for his team. His way of using heavy abilities is exceptional that not many Valorant players can pull. Dedicated to becoming the best, Sinatraa brings fresh combos and unreal gaming expertise that are a treat for the spectators.

5.    Wardell-TSM

From his undisputed skills to a cool personality, Matthew ?Wardell? Yu is one Valorant player that cannot be missed. His daring and aggressive positioning, charging in the enemy lines without fail makes him a great player. From Operator Shot to Tailwind, Wardell goes into the fray with his Jett, devastating enemies without fail. Truly another gem for TSM, his clutch mentality is on point and brings forth a significant boost towards the team?s success in the match. The can-do attitude makes Wardell a cool player; one never sees a repetition of the old mindset even with a loss because Wardell knows what he has to do to secure a win.

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