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FIFA vs PES Which one is the Ideal Football Game for You?


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FIFA vs PES Which one is the Ideal Football Game for You?

Football video games have been the most popular sports video game subgenre for quite some time now. They not only bring the action-packed gameplay to the millions of players worldwide but also acts as a bridge to spending some premium time with friends and family. In the world of football video games, a common question that has been floating around for a while is what the better football game is; EA?s FIFA or Konami?s Pro Evolution Soccer (PES)? Let?s end the debate once and for all and find which comes out on top.

Introduction: FIFA and PES

FIFA is a series of football games developed and published by Electronic Arts Studio under their EA Sports label. Football video games have been a thing since the late 1980s but EA changed the game with their FIFA release. The first game was released back in 1993 and the series has been making records as the best-selling sports game ever since.

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On the other hand, PES is another popular football game series that has been around since 1995. The series is being designed and published by the giant Japanese game company, Konami. While the game hasn?t been as popular as FIFA, PES brings out a more competitive side of the sport with its unmatched realistic gameplay. Hence it has been the go-to eSport football game for many years.

The Differences

While both the games are regarded as the top soccer simulation titles right now, they have a few differentiating factors that make them unique on their own. While FIFA is loved for its inclusion of famous football athletes and teams, PES is loved for its amazing and realistic physics. The reason for FIFA to be more close to the real-life football scene is because EA Sports has the rights to use the actual names of the vast majority of real teams in the football world. This means that players could find their favorite players along with their favorite teams in FIFA games. However, Konami hasn?t had any luck with acquiring the rights that EA has. But what makes PES better is the competitive environment it creates with realism including more lifelike animations, accurate representation of the fluidity, and other physics.

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So in conclusion; the main reason why FIFA stands out on top is its arcade-style gameplay. It has a lot of names the world is familiar with and brings more fun game modes like a career mode, etc. In contrast, PES has amazing graphics and game physics which is realistic and it is ideal if you are looking for a more competitive and fun gameplay experience.

Following are the pros and cons of the 2 games summarized:



  • Improved gameplay comparing to previous versions
  • A lot of more game modes
  • Familiar player names, teams, and clubs


  • Gameplay can get a bit wonky and hard
  • Career mode feels primitive
  • Annual game upgrades don?t bring a lot to the game
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  • Great graphics and slick animations
  • Smoother gameplay and as fun as it can get
  • Realistic gameplay over funky arcade styles


  • AI needs a lot of improvements
  • Commentary often gets repetitive and sometimes incorrect
  • Lack of fun players and game modes

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